Craft Room Design Ideas

Having a room set aside to work on craft or other diy projects is a luxury.  If you are lucky enough to have the space, you will want to have it outfitted with everything you need in the most organized way. These craft room design ideas will inspire you to design and organize your own space.

I am constantly needing to change my organizational structure as I collect so many vintage odds and ends and natural materials to work with.  Because of this, I like to use a lot of homemade storage units from things like empty six pack containers and tin cans.

At the same time, it is important to have your space look cheery and inviting.  If you are spending a good deal of time working on projects, you want to be in a fun atmosphere.  Decorating in bright clean colors with well thought out storage, creates a winning combination.

I am happy with my latest craft room re-design, but am always looking for some new inspiration.  What I found was pretty amazing and I wanted to share some of my recent finds with you.  I hope you enjoy these inspiring craft room designs!

How To Get A Good Craft Room Design

Make A DIY Craft Desk

craft room design

SOURCE: Janny Pie

I found this space to be particularly inspiring because of the amazing DIY craft desk.  I love the storage cubes on the side!  The whole thing was put together quite inexpensively with very easy to follow instructions. Since it’s so important to have a functional work surface, customizing your own desk is a great idea.

Make The Space Fun And Inviting

craft room design

SOURCE: Little Miss Momma

Besides having a functional work space, it’s also important to want to enter the craft room. Decorating the space in fun colors is a great way to make it cheery and inviting. Who wouldn’t want to work in this happy place?  This shows what some bright color can do for a room.

Use Matching Labeled Bins

craft room design

SOURCE: The Happy Housie

Using small bins that are labeled will keep your craft room well organized. If you use all of the same color bins, the look will be more cohesive and appear less cluttered.

Use A Peg Board For Visible Storage

craft room design

SOURCE: A Girl And A Glue Gun

Make use of your wall space by installing a peg board. This gives lots of visible storage for small supplies which gives a good craft room design. And, it’s easy to install hooks and baskets for whatever you need.

Use Tiered Trays For Storing Craft Supplies

craft room design

SOURCE: Michelle Wooderson

If you have room on a work surface, using a tiered tray is an excellent way to keep supplies at arms reach. This works especially well for all those small items.

Repurpose A File Cabinet For Craft Storage

craft room design

SOURCE: Design Improvised

Whenever you can repurpose furniture to use for craft room storage, do it! Not only do you gain extra storage space, but you will feel good about giving that piece of furniture new life. I love how this repurposed file cabinet is used for storage and for keeping notes. A little bit of chalkboard paint can turn anything into a message center.

If you have a small space, check out my post on small space craft room ideas.

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  1. I love ALL these rooms! I’m looking at a lot of ideas as I’m about to transform a room to MY room! Perfect timing!

    1. Oh good! Lucky you 🙂 Have fun creating your own space!

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