Kids Playroom Ideas In A Rustic Style

If you have a rustic home, you may want every room of the house to reflect that style. That could even include the kids’ playroom. Although most of a playroom is all about the toys, there are ways to give it a little style with some kid friendly rustic accents. Whether you use decor that is purchased, homemade, or simply repurposed, there are a lot of ways to decorate a playroom. I’ll show you a variety of kids playroom ideas that will complement your rustic home in a fun way.

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kids playroom ideas

I started thinking about rustic playroom ideas with my first grandchild. Although, we don’t have much room in our condo for a playroom space, we do have some extra space at our cabin. And since our cabin is a rustic style, I’ve been trying to coordinate the basement area with some playful rustic decor. The basement is already set up for guest sleeping with built in double bunk beds. I just had to carve out a small space that was extra kid friendly.

Right outside my craft room is a nice little cubby area that would be perfect for my granddaughter to do her own artwork. To make it both rustic and playful, I decorated the space with whimsical displays of nature. My favorite kid friendly decor are the stuffed animal heads that I purchased from a rustic decor store. However, it was also fun and rewarding to make some of my own decor. It was easy to turn an old picture frame into a rustic chalkboard. For holding small toys, I simply used a vintage egg basket for more rustic styling.

rustic playroom idea

More Kids Playroom Ideas

Add A Teepee

teepee kids playroom idea
SOURCE: Martelka

An easy way to add a rustic accent to a play area is to add a teepee. Not only is it cute and rustic but kids get a fun and cozy place to hang out. There are so many different styles to choose from. Whether you want it all boy, for just girls, or a generic style, you will be able to find something that fits.

Incorporate A Kid Friendly Barn Door

barn door playroom idea

Sliding barn doors can be just as stylish and even more fun in a designated kids area. While the outer side of the barn doors can be painted more neutral, the inside can be bright and cheerful. I love the traditional red and white inside this rustic kids space.

Make A Rustic Artwork Display

rustic artwork display
SOURCE: Craftaholics Anonymous

If you are looking for a creative way to decorate a kids playroom wall, why not display their own artwork. You can make a simple rustic display board from salvaged wood and colorful clothespins.

Make A Kid Size Farmhouse Craft Table

kid size farmhouse craft table
SOURCE: The House Of Wood

Since every playroom can use a table for art projects and games, think about making your own in a farmhouse style. It just shows that kids playroom ideas can be just as stylish as other areas of the home.

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