Layered Front Door Mats Ideas

There is a new trend for home entrances and that is layered front door mats. I like layering table runners, for added style, so this idea makes a lot of sense to me. In fact, the door mats at our cabin entrance are layered.  One door mat acts as the backdrop while the other one is the focal point. Since there are so many great ideas for layering door mats, I thought I would share some of the inspiration.

Because our cabin is in a rustic setting, I used a rustic patterned rug and an arrow door mat. Of course, since I bought my rugs, I have found so many other rug combinations that I love. Isn’t that always the case? The nice thing is that they are as easy to switch up as throw pillows. I can change the look for holidays, seasons, or really any time that I’m wanting a change.

layered front door mats

I debated on what size rug I wanted under my doormat but ultimately decided on a 3×5 foot rug to show more of the pattern. My arrow door mat measures 18×30 inches so that gives you an idea of how those two sizes look together.

layered front door mats

How To Layer Doormats For The Most Impact

Use A Patterned Rug Underneath A Doormat

layered front door mats

A fun front door mat like the antler mat is definitely cute it’s own. However, when it is bordered by a patterned rug, the door mat has so much more impact. You can change up the looks so easily by using a different pattern, adding color, or changing the door mat to a different design.

layered front door mats

For a more elegant rustic look, layer a monogrammed door mat over the popular buffalo check patterned rug. The look is clean and stylish.

Layer A Patterned Door Mat Over A Plain Outdoor Rug

layered front door mats

A plain rug is also nice to use as a base, especially for the more busy patterns. However, a plain rug is also perfect for more subtle layering. Below you can see the difference when the antler rug is on top of a plain black rug.

layered front door mats

The black rug really highlights the black antlers in this example.

I put together a chart of some of the rug combinations that I like. All of these are currently for sale at Amazon. Just click on the links below if you are interested in purchasing any from their site. The nice thing is that any of the layers can be switched up to get the combo that you love. The key is to have the bottom rug be big enough to form a nice border around the top door mat. Since door mats are typically 18×30 inches, the base rug should be at least 2×3 feet for a three inch border. I like base rugs measuring at about 3×5 feet. This lets more of the patterned rug show. However, it all depends on the amount of room you have at your entrance.

layered front door mats

Mix and match these styles for a combination that fits you.

Front Door Mats Base Rug

A – Buffalo Check Base Rug

B – Black and White Striped Base Rug

C – Black Base Rug

D – Chevron Base Rug

E – Black and Gray Plus Sign Base Rug

*- Red Plaid Base Rug – If you like the red plaid door mat, I also found one that can be used as a base rug. This would be great to use during the holidays with a Christmas door mat.

Top Layered Front Door Mats

a – monogram door mat

b – hello door mat

c – red plaid door mat   

d – arrows door mat

e – antlers door mat

*- Christmas door mat

layered front door mats

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