Make A Craft Closet Nook If You Can’t Have A Full Room

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I have been very blessed to have a craft room to work in over the past several years and I would hate to lose it.  However, my husband and I do have plans to downsize our living space once my son graduates from high school in two years and it’s quite possible that the next house may not have the extra space.

I’ve wondered where I would go with all of my endless supplies if I didn’t have a craft room and have determined that I would definitely have to make sure that I had a closet that was dedicated just to my crafts.  With all of the great closet organization and ideas that I have seen, it wouldn’t be that big of deal to go that route.

Here is a sampling of what I have found:


I found a lot of office closet ideas, like this one, that could easily be incorporated into a craft closet.  Clearing out the desk space to be used as a craft work surface is the biggest change needed.  The storage ideas would work great for craft supplies – I especially like the pegboard idea on the inside of the closet door!

Taking the closet doors off a long closet makes an ideal space for your hobby.  This would be great to do in a guest bedroom where you don’t necessarily need the closet space.  I love the cheery colors of this little nook by Ana-White.

I have wondered what I would do if I didn’t have any actual closet space to spare.  Not anymore though!  In that case, you can simply create your own little closet nook in a corner of a room like this one.  I found this image from Pinterest without a source so I can’t direct you to how this was made.  However, I still wanted to show it for inspiration.  It looks like some pretty basic construction that I am guessing is on door hinges so that you can close it up if you want to.  I would probably keep it open but still put the cute latches on the sides for a fun accent.

Here is another fun one by Country Living.  The addition of wallpaper on the walls adds some extra cheer and I love the hanging light.  It just goes to show that a craft closet does not have to be boring.

A walk in closet can afford you a little more space and this design by Apartment Therapy is functional, cheery and……a nice habitat for a cat.  Did you see the cat in the picture?   So cute!

Hopefully you have been inspired to create your own craft closet nook.  It may take a little bit of rethinking for what you currently have stored in the closet but sometimes spare closets are filled with forgettables that could easily be placed in bins and stored elsewhere.  I wouldn’t recommend emptying your husband’s closet for this… tempting as it may be!

Happy Organizing!

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