Promoting Your Craft Website Through An Online Community

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If you are like me and have a craft website but are interested in getting to know other crafters, then you may be interested in joining a craft community such as My Craft Corner.  I know I was very interest in meeting other crafters and having the ability to share ideas and promote my own craft.

My Craft Corner offers just that.  They are a fairly new on-line community but already have many members.  Each member has a profile page where they can list their website, places they sell their crafts, crafts that interest them and pictures of any craft items they wish to show.  Other members can view these profiles and visit the links the websites, making this a great way for promoting your website.  There is also a spot for leaving comments so you get to know other crafters and get some nice encouragement along the way.

They also have some great forums to open up discussion and spark some new ideas.  Everyone needs to stay fresh and learn from other people.  This is a great place to do just that.

You can also join different groups within My Craft Corner.  For instance,  if you have a twitter account, you can join a group of other crafters with twitter accounts.  You can then find many more like people to follow or have follow you.  There is a brainstorming group for coming up with new craft ideas and a craft supplies swap/giveaway which is an amazing idea.  You can swap those craft supplies that you no longer have a use for for something you can use – I love it!

There are groups by geographic location and craft type as well to really narrow your community down.  On top of everything, they have some great contests.  That is always fun!

I have joined My Craft Corner and have been very impressed with what I have seen.  I would highly recommend this site to any crafter that wants to meet new people and promote their own website.

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  1. I love the idea of swapping tools with other crafters. It is a great way to get something that you might need, and do the same for someone else. 🙂 What is your Twitter account? I am OlubunmiCrafts

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