70 Modern Farmhouse Decor Accessories to Make and Sell

With the Spring season in full bloom, we can expect to see all kinds of arts and crafts shows popping up. People flock to them in anticipation of finding unique home decor items to style their spaces. So, you may be wondering what people will be looking for at these craft shows. One decorating trend that is still hugely popular all over the U.S. is the modern farmhouse style and it appears it will continue going strong for quite some time. Because of that, crafters can feel confident in creating rustic crafts to make and sell to fit the trend need.

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If you’ve been following along for a while, you may remember some of the easy crafts to make and sell that I featured. It’s always good to have a few of them on hand for low-cost fillers that usually bring easy sales. Then, there are those other farmhouse crafts to make and sell that will bring a larger profit. Those are the ones that are bigger ticket items that still have a low cost for materials which is why they are profitable. Finally, with any arts and crafts show, it’s a good idea to throw in some Christmas items as they are always a top seller.

Today, I’ll be talking specifically about modern farmhouse decor items and what you can make and sell to fit that style. All of these craft ideas contain a blend of rustic and modern that is so appealing for a classic farmhouse. You’ll find a variety of crafts for both indoors and out including some seasonal DIYs.

If you aren’t familiar with the modern farmhouse style, you may want to check out these decor ideas first. It will give you a good idea of how the majority of people are currently styling their homes.

Here are some easy tutorials to help you stock your booth in no time.

1. DIY Modern Farmhouse Kitchen Succulent Wall Art

If repurposing is your thing, you will love collecting old cutting boards for this clever wall art. Customers are sure to find the design unique as no two will look the same.

2. Farmhouse Fixer Upper Distressed Candle Holder

Buy simple clay pots and add a little paint to distress them for a fun farmhouse look.

3. Live Edge DIY Charcuterie Board

Make your own farmhouse-style charcuterie boards from slices of your own tree!

4. Realistic Birch Painted Vase

With a combination of paint colors and texture, you can turn any vase into one that looks like it was made from a tree. It’s the perfect accessory for a modern farmhouse style.

5. Cutting Board With Wood Burned Recipe

This is a fun keepsake craft. However, if you want to sell them, just make up an assortment with favorite recipes and one will sure to resonate with a shopper.

6. Farmhouse Pear Craft

These twine pears are so easy to make. All you need are some old burnt-out lightbulbs!

7. DIY Wood Wall Art Squares

Collect pebbles and twigs to create your own kind of art. It’s fun to see what can be put together with just a couple of simple items from nature.

8. Easy DIY Live Edge Rustic Shelving

If you have the right tools, live edge shelving is super popular.

9. DIY Twine Balls For Fillers

Decorating with balls isn’t just for Christmas. These neutral twine balls are perfect for decorating with all year long.

10. DIY Rustic Framed Map

Create a simple rustic frame to display maps and other artwork.

11. Rustic Cooler Made From Recycled Pallets

It’s always nice if you can sell some big-ticket items. This rustic cooler is sure to be a hit at arts and crafts shows.

12. DIY Log Wood Stools

Another idea for a larger item is a collection of log stools with fabric tops.

13. DIY Birch Stand

Although finding enough birch to make a lot of coffee table stands like this one. You could also use unfinished wood.

14. Stylish Modern Rustic Birdbath DIY

Unique bird baths or anything for the garden typically are hot items at craft shows.

15. Decorative Tray DIY

Decorative trays are another one of those home decor items that many people can find a use for. The more unique, the better!

16. Modern Farmhouse Clock Repurpose

Don’t throw out your old clocks. Turn them into art and sell them instead.

17. Word Find Chalkboard Craft

What’s not to like about a playful chalkboard word search sign?

18. DIY Decorative Books

Faux books or real books with painted covers are a hot ticket item for farmhouse style as well.

19. DIY Modern Farmhouse Cupcake Stand

Use your art skills to create pretty mini domed cake stands.

20. Paper Wrapped Books

Wrap books in paper to create a cohesive book stack for selling.

21. Pottery Barn Inspired Rolling Basket

By adding little caster wheels to the bottom of Dollar Store baskets, you can make a profit from the new functionality.

22. DIY Hallway Sign

Generic hallway signs are sure to be a hit.

23. Modern Farmhouse DIY Sea Glass Vases

Turn any glass vase into the look of sea glass for an eye-catching display.

24. 4th of July Chevron Flag

You can never go wrong with making and selling holiday items.

25. DIY Artsy Rustic Camping Mugs

26. Reclaimed Wood Umbrella Holder

Create a profitable umbrella holder by using reclaimed wood.

27. Repurposed Suitcases

Start collecting old suitcases and other small cases to repurpose in a stylish way.

28. Unique Chalkboards

29. Farmhouse Flour Sign

30. Unique DIY Farmhouse Sign

31. Curbside Trunk Coffee Table

32. Burlap Coffee Sack Pillows

Unique throw pillows are always a good seller.

33. Artsy Tree Trunk Stool

34. Clothespin Sheep Craft

It’s always good to have some small items to sell for filler. Cute farmhouse ornaments are the perfect thing to keep shoppers busy buying.

35. Farmhouse Candle Pedestals

36. Twine Eggs

37. DIY Wood Slice Riser

38. Decorative Wood Cubes

39. Dropcloth Farmhouse Bunnies

It never hurts to have some irresistibly cute items like these dropcloth bunnies!

40. Farmhouse Style Spools

41. Scrap Wood Tags

42. Lamb Ornaments

43. Chicken Ornaments

44. Wood and Burlap Wall Plant Holders

45. Grainsack Wine Bottle Bags

46. Stenciled Wood Crates

47. Tiered Trays

48. Farmhouse Style Candle Holders

49. DIY Faux Boxwood Wreath

50. Cutting Board Wall Hooks

51. Repurposed Drawer Storage Boxes

52. Braided Dollar Tree Pumpkins

53. DIY Vintage Style Cutting Board

54. Painted Book Stacks

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure! Instead of throwing out your old paperback books, paint them and create decorative book stacks for selling.

55. Farmhouse Message Boards

56. Pottery Barn Inspired Jute Placemats

57. Name of Jesus DIY Ornaments

58. Rosemary Salt Jars

59. DIY Paint Sticks Bushel Basket

60. Wood Bead Ornaments

61. DIY Wood Bead Wreath

62. Modern Farmhouse Embroidery Hoop Orbs

63. DIY Farmhouse Scale

64. Book Page Bookmarks

65. Burlap and Twine Wrapped Balls

66. Modern Farmhouse Burlap Planter Bags

67. DIY Soy Candles

68. Wine Bottle Wall Vase

69. Rustic Twig Frame

70. Wood Stump Pencil Holder

Still looking for more? Here are 60 Easy DIY Farmhouse Decor Ideas.

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