A Roundup Of My Most Popular Recycled Crafts

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Recycled crafts are at the top of my list for diy projects to do. Not only are they budget friendly but I get such satisfaction from giving trash a new life.

Over the years I have completed lots of recycled crafts and thought it would be nice to do a little round up post of some of my favorites. All of these projects use very common throw away items that can be saved instead for decorative and useful items in the home or for other personal use.

Recycled Crafts

The first craft, in this roundup, uses wine corks. I happen to drink enough wine to have collected many wine corks. My favorite wine cork craft is a beaded wine cork keychain.

wine cork keychains recycled crafts

An item even more common than wine corks is tin cans. I made some fun little storage containers for my craft room with cans and saved the landfills from a little more waste!

recycled can crafts

And, for a little more craft room storage, I also made use of some empty six pack containers. They make great storage caddies for the craft room.

recycled storage container craft

This next one is maybe the most creative. After moving all of our movie dvd’s into a storage binder, I was left with a stack of empty plastic dvd cases. One of the craft ideas that I had was to make a fly box for my husband to use for storing some of his flies for fishing.

recycled dvd fly box craft

Sometimes you may need a spur of the moment collection of napkin rings for a themed dinner or entertaining. That is when toilet paper rolls do the trick! WHAT!

See the easy details for the napkin ring craft here. But, with just a little gluing of your favorite scrap fabric, you can get some quick and stylish rings with very little effort or expense.

recycled toilet paper roll craft

What are your favorite things to recycle? Share some of your ideas for recycled crafts in the comments below!

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