Rustic Crafts To Do With Paper

With all of the decorative craft papers, wrapping paper, newspapers, and book pages, there are plenty of paper designs available for crafts. Just focusing on the more rustic papers, I came up with a collection of crafts to do with paper. It’s easy to transform a variety of items using just paper.

Crafts To Do With A Variety Of Papers

Wrapping Paper Crafts

creative paper crafts

SEE: Leftover Wrapping Paper Crafts

Out of all the crafts to do with paper, wrapping paper is one of my favorites. Because wrapping paper comes in wide rolls, you can use it in some bigger projects. You can even line the back of bookshelves with wrapping paper! Whatever you want to makeover and give a fun pattern to, can probably be done with wrapping paper. So, the next time you are buying a roll of wrapping paper, you may want to think about what you can do with the leftover paper! Wrap a gift in a paper that you like and use it for a craft project. A total win win!

Book Page Crafts

diy book page pumpkin

TUTORIAL: How To Make A Book Page Pumpkin

Book pages are another great paper to use in rustic craft projects. Because you can use the whole book, it’s easy to form shapes like this pumpkin. However, you can also make or decorate other things with just a single page. Check out all of the creative ideas at my post Lots And Lots Of Book Page Crafts.

Other Crafts To Do With Paper

Make A Paper Garland

diy paper garland

TUTORIAL: Happy Happy Nester

This pretty garland is made up of paper leaves. The plain white paper, that was used, is super chic. You can change the look based on the color, pattern, and texture of the paper you use. Even the cutouts can be made in different shapes. Using paper for crafts is super versatile.

Attach Paper Dogwood Flowers To Rustic Branches

paper dogwood flowers

TUTORIAL: Martha Stewart

Rustic branches look super chic when paper dogwood flowers are attached.

Cover A Lampshade With A Vintage Lamp

map lampshade paper craft

TUTORIAL: Pretty Handy Girl

Give a plain lampshade a decorative look by covering it with a vintage map. Maps are another great paper to use in paper crafts. Although a map looks super stylish covering a lampshade, you can use basically any paper you want to. Again, paper crafts are super versatile.

crafts to do with paper



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