Rustic Outdoor Shower Ideas

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There are many good reasons to have an outdoor shower.  If you have a cabin or cottage near a lake or river, you may want an  outdoor shower to use after swimming, canoeing or fishing.  Since we will be building a shower at our cabin, I researched some ideas in a rustic design.  I was pleased to find several great ideas that could easily be incorporated.

Obviously, the easiest way to add an outdoor shower is at the time of building.  This is what we did and have the hot and cold plumbing hooked up to come out at the side of our cabin.  What we need to add is an enclosure for a little privacy!

If you don’t have or want to run your plumbing outside, there are other ways to accomplish the task.  This outdoor shower by is an eco shower using solar power to heat the water.  Not only does this design use solar power but the enclosure was made from old barn wood.  I love the rustic look, especially with a few of their added accessories.  Check out their site for all of the pictures and details.

Like our shower, this one has the plumbing already installed to come out the side of the house.  They have a fixed shower head and we installed a hand held shower head that can hook to the wall mount.  One of the benefits of a hand held shower is that you can use if just for your feet or for washing a small child or pet easily.  The enclosure by Charles and Hudson is easy to make out of wood or fence slabs on a concrete pad.  You could also build a square of flooring out of decking, which is probably what we are going to do.

This next design from HGTV is super cool and uses bamboo and stone for a great rustic design.  The clean design would be perfect by an outdoor pool where you simply want to rinse off.

****A real easy way to get a quick outdoor shower is to simply attach a shower head like one of these to your garden hose.  We did something like this at our last house which was on a small lake.  We ran a long garden hose, from an outdoor spigot, to an area close to the lake but off the beach sand and on the grass.  My husband installed a four by four wooden post with a hook to attach the shower head.  Since we kept the water on, the water inside the hose would get nice and warm.  When we needed to use it, we simply turned on the switch at the shower head and enjoyed a warm rinse.

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  1. I love these ideas…thanks so much. I am considering doing an outside shower at my home.

    1. Great! I think you will love the benefits! Let me know if you end up doing one.

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