Rustic Chic Interior Design

Rustic chic interior design is growing in popularity. I think it is because of the blended masculine and feminine qualities. For inspiration, I have put together a collection of rustic chic interior design ideas that have a good balance of his and hers.

I have been going through my house from top to bottom…..actually I started in the basement –  so from bottom to top, getting rid of what I don’t like in the decor and doing some refreshing.  While I am on this spurt of sprucing things up, my mind has been going at top speed trying to conjure up some unique designs.  Our basement, especially, is quite rustic with lots of my husband’s antique collections and trophy’s (as in deer & elk heads, bear rugs, etc…).  The collections have gotten a little large and a bit disorganized and I want to clean things up but at the same time incorporate the antiques in a unique way.

He has this metal fishing basket which looks pretty cool but it needs to be hanging to appreciate the full affect – it just automatically folds flat otherwise.  My husband had it hanging from the edge of a shelf but it definitely looked plunked.  I like things to be placed and displayed with a purpose.

While browsing the internet, I did find what I really want to do with the basket though and it will be great!  It is in the form of a light fixture.

This is my inspiration.

rustic chic fishing basket light fixtures

SOURCE: Remodelista

Hanging a fishing basket as a light fixture looks cool and rustic on it’s own. However to add a chic quality, white material can be woven throughout the mesh. This adds a punch of style that also lightens up a room. You can find more rustic chic lighting ideas by checking out my post, DIY Lighting Using Just About Anything.

While I was browsing for some inspiration, I found  some other unique rustic chic interior design ideas.

How To Decorate Rustic Chic

SOURCE: Decor8 Blog

I love the mixture of white and tan along with the different textures of wood, books, metal and fabric.  This photo is meant to show how the elements work together. Basically, these components are the foundation of good rustic chic interior design. For more inspiration, check out my post on Rustic Chic Living Room Ideas.

rustic chic interior design

SOURCE: Design Sponge

A unique idea here was to bring an outdoor galvanized light fixture inside.  It gives a cool industrial look to the space.  The reclaimed wood shelf adds a little bit of rustic to the colorful artsy kitchen.

rustic chic interior design

SOURCE: The Lettered Cottage

I could sit and stare at the fireplace all day.  The soothing paint color mixed with the earthy brick is a perfect combination.

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  1. Hi Renee,
    I find that some of the best rustic decorating ideas are simple and right in front of you if you will look for them. Your idea with the minnow net is just such an idea.

    Happy Decorating back at ya!

    1. I know! So many of those old and vintage items are just oozing with character that they just have to be displayed!

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