How To Make Gift Boxes Out Of Old Shoe Boxes

Making gift boxes is a fun “green craft” to do around the holidays or really any time when gift giving is in order.

Instead of purchasing expensive bags or boxes, make your own gift box out of a recycled shoe box or any other box that you have on hand.

The materials that you use to create your one of a kind box can be recycled materials as well, making the whole project extremely economical and environmentally friendly.

When you make your own gift box, you can also personalize it which makes it extra special for the recipient.

The materials that I chose to use for this project were:

  1. a shoe box
  2. cut out Christmas pictures from sales fliers
  3. construction paper
  4. paint
  5. buttons

Shoes boxes make great gift boxes because of the nice lids.  I wanted to decoupage pictures onto the lid and found plenty to choose from with all of the sales fliers I was getting in the mail advertising everything Christmas!  Since I didn’t want just pictures, I filled in the gaps with construction paper.  I chose two colors, red and light tan, so that it wouldn’t get too busy.  Tearing the paper gave soft edges when overlapping.  I love to decoupage because it glues, seals and gives a glossy finish all at the same time.  If I had this box in mind for a particular person, I could have found letters that spelled the recipient’s name or I could have chosen pictures that would have been significant for that person.

I painted the main part of the box with a layering affect.  I used white wash and gold paints which I put on one right after the other without waiting for the first coat to dry.  I started with gold, then white wash and then finished with gold.  The result is almost a wood grain look.  To add color, I simply added some buttons from my huge collection that I have been saving over the years.  This was a great way to recycle those unused buttons.  Another idea would be to use Scrabble pieces to spell out a word like “Celebrate” or a person’s name to personalize the box.

I plan on making more boxes in different sizes using cereal boxes and round oatmeal boxes.  Some of the other things I plan on using for embellishments are rusty tin bells, charms, ribbon, and game pieces.  I have some pretty cool fabric scraps that would look pretty nice decoupaged onto one of those boxes too.   Let me know some of your unique gift wrapping ideas.

Happy Crafting!