Ten Favorite DIY Birdhouse Ideas

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Whether you like hanging birdhouses from a tree, setting them on a table or attaching them to a stake in a garden, birdhouses definitely make a great decorative accent for your outdoor space.

You can get real creative with the design of your birdhouse by making your own from a variety of different materials.

Here are my top ten diy birdhouse ideas:

1. Birch Birdhouse

diy birdhouse by rustic-crafts.com

This birdhouse is purely decorative and makes a fun patio accent.  It’s super easy to make and you can vary the colors with different types of logs.

2.  Stone Birdhouse


diy birdhouse
how to make a stone birdhouse by Empress Of Dirt

Here is another decorative birdhouse that will add some rustic charm to your garden.

3. Plant Bucket Birdhouse


diy birdhouse

An old black plastic plant bucket went through quite an amazing transformation to become this stylish home for birds!  You will want to check out this tutorial!

4.  Coffee Can Birdhouse


diy birdhouse

Recycle a coffee can and create a whimsical home for birds at the same time!

5.  Salvaged Parts Birdhouse


diy birdhouse

This one probably is my most favorite!  I just love the fact that it was put together totally with salvaged parts.  The look is so unique and fun.

6.  Coffee Pot Birdhouse


diy birdhouse

You can also recycle household items for a unique style.  I love the cheery yellow of this design!

7.  Mailbox Birdhouse


diy birdhouse

An old mailbox gets a second life!  Another great recycling idea that is both cute and functional.

8.  Shop Signs Birdhouses


diy birdhouse

These cool little birdhouses were made from old shop signs and wooden crates.

9.  Mod Podge Birdhouses


diy birdhouse

With outdoor Mod Podge, you can create all kinds of fun designs using colorful fabrics to decorate a wooden birdhouse.

10.  Rusted Birdhouse

diy birdhouse
Rusted birdhouse by Zuzu’s Petals ‘n’ Stuff

And finally, this last birdhouse is embellished with rusted clock parts for a warm and rustic look.

I hope you enjoyed this collection of diy birdhouse ideas!

Happy Crafting!

I'm addicted to crafting and decorating my downtown city loft and up north rustic cabin.
  1. So creative – I love them all!

    1. Thanks Sue! It’s interesting to see all of the unique ideas people come up with!

  2. I think Brambleberry Cottage is my favorite!

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