Craft Ideas For Rustic Home Decor

Everyone likes a cozy home decorated with favorite treasures.  However, it can get expensive to continually buy home decor items to fill your space.  Instead, you may want to consider making some of your own accessories to outfit a room.   Not only could you save some money but you also have the potential of creating something truly unique. These craft ideas for home decor may inspire you to get crafting.

How To Make Your Own Home Decorating Accessories

Make A Rustic Picture Frame With Vintage Skiis

diy ski photo frame

This ski photo frame is super easy to make. All you need are three picture frames and a pair of vintage skiis to create this. If you like to ski, what a great way to display skiing pictures. Another thing that would be great to use are canoe paddles.

TUTORIAL: How to make a vintage ski photo frame – Hallmark Channel

Make A Fun Ruler Table Runner

DIY ruler table runner

How fun is this ruler table runner?  It’s made from an inexpensive drop cloth.  A ruler and stencils make it easy to paint on the lines and numbers.

TUTORIAL: How to make a ruler table runner – Country Living

Create A Birch Bark Vase

diy birch bark wine bottle

A fun project is to cover a wine bottle with birch bark to make a rustic vase.

TUTORIAL: How to make a birch covered wine bottle vase

Make Your Own Rustic Cabinet Knobs

diy rustic cabinet knobs

Dress up plain wooden cabinet knobs with fun decorative paper covered with a flat clear glass marble.

TUTORIAL: How to make rustic knobs

Fill A Bowl With Twine Pears Made From Light Bulbs

diy twine light bulb pears

Can you believe these rustic twine pears are made from light bulbs? Dressing them up in twine totally changes their look!

TUTORIAL: How to make pears out of light bulbs and twine – Sweet Society

Make Letters Out Of Twigs

diy twig letters

Monogram letters are popular in decorating. Therefore, a letter out of twigs is a perfect craft to make for rustic home decor.

TUTORIAL: How to make letters out of twigs – The Happy Housie

Make A Lamp Out Of A Birch Log

DIY lamp sconce

Create sconces, table lamps or floor lamps using birch logs.  A lampshade is easily decorated with birch twigs. Because birch twigs are so flexible, it’s not hard to wrap them around a shade. Other things that can be made from birch logs or twigs are candles, vases, tissue box holders, ladders, and garland.

Make A Branch Hanging Rod

branch hanging rod

SOURCE: Life Hack

Create extra hanging space with a rustic chic branch rod. Simply hang a branch, painted or plain, wherever you need extra space.

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  1. So glad I found your page…I’m really enjoying it. One of the best I’ve come across. Thanks for sharing your idea’s and inspirations!
    Lydia O

    1. Thank you Lydia! I’m glad you’re enjoying it.

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