Rustic Dresser Makeover & DIY Dresser Knobs

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This poor dresser has undergone so many makeovers it is undergoing an identity crisis.  It started out in MY nursery and I won’t say how many years ago that was!  I can’t say that the quality of the dresser is high, but there is plenty of sentimental value so it just keeps hanging around.

I was in need of some more storage space for my craft supplies.  My craft room isn’t real big and is already filled to the max.  There is a spot just outside of my room, in the hallway, that would fit the dresser perfectly and give me some additional storage.

Before the makeover, this dresser was used in my daughter’s bedroom.  Since she has moved out, the dresser has just been sitting in her closet:

During the last makeover, I had to replace on of the drawers, which was broken, with a square of cork board.  The dresser would work great for storage but was not at all the look I was going for in my hallway.  I wanted to give it more of a rustic look.

The first thing that I did was to remove all of the knobs and the floral decals.  I decided to reuse the wooden knobs on the large drawers and repainted them with raw umber acrylic paint.  However, this was just my first step.  I wanted to add a little fun embellishment to the tops of each knob.  I bought a bag of flat clear glass marbles and some vintage looking postal craft paper.

First I placed a marbled over the paper and traced around it.  Then I cut it out and sprayed the top with Elmer’s spray adhesive.  This then gets adhered to the bottom of the marble.  I used a variety of different prints, off of the paper, for my knobs.  Once I had my six, I used tacky glue to attach them to the tops of my wooden knobs.

Instead of attaching the knobs directly to the drawers, I decided to add an additional piece of wood.  I bought a package of wood slabs from Joann and stained them with Special Walnut for a little more rustic affect.

I needed to replace the shabby chic glass knobs on the small drawers with something that would blend with the knobs that I made.  Since I only had four, I decided to buy them.

I liked this style that let the brown base show through the glass.  They blended perfectly with my other knobs.

Now for the paint!  I wanted to give it a distressed look since after all it was pretty distressed.  There were so many different layers of paint on it that I decided to sand it first to get down to some of the other colors in spots.  I then painted lightly over the dresser with Benjamin Moore Monroe Bisque.

Here are a couple of close ups to show you where I had sanded down to some other colors.  And now for the before and after side by side!

And, this gives you a better idea of how it sits in the hallway just outside my craft room:

Happy Crafting!

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