Creative Nightstands For Awkward Spaces

Because bedroom configurations and sizes don’t always allow for a typical nightstand, nightstand alternatives are sometimes necessary. Or, if it’s not in the budget right now for an expensive nightstand, there are creative options. Since it’s desirable to have a place to set necessary things, like glasses, a phone, or a clock, I came up with a collection of creative nightstands that can be used.

Budget Friendly Creative Nightstands

Use A Chair

creative nightstands

SOURCE: Emmas Blog

Whenever I come across a vintage chair in my shopping, I always feel a certain pull to buy it. I love the rustic charm and character that they have. Now, I usually pull up short from purchasing because I simply don’t know what I’d do with it. However, using one as a nightstand is an excellent and affordable option. Usually the seat height is a perfect match to the top of the bed. The seat acts as a table and you could even clip a light to the top of the chair instead of placing on the seat.

Use An Old Ladder

creative ladder nightstand

TUTORIAL: Twelve On Main

Old step ladders are so much fun to repurpose for other uses! It’s not hard to add shelves to a ladder and use it for a nightstand. It gives plenty of room for placing things that you need close by at night.

Use A Log Stump

creative log nightstad

SOURCE: Remodelaholic

I’ve used a birch log stump as a nightstand in a rustic guest bedroom and it worked perfectly! This log has the bark peeled off for a nice clean but rustic design. The nice thing is that you can cut the log to the exact height that you need it for your bed. The flat top is a perfect surface for keeping your things.

Use Floating Shelves

floating shelves nightstand

SOURCE: The Desi Wonder Woman

If you are limited on floor space or just like a minimalist design, floating shelves work great as a nightstand alternative. These shelves are from Ikea so they are affordable too! However, any type of floating shelf would work. If your bed is really close to a side wall, just hang a small shelf or ledge on that sidewall instead.

Use An Old Drawer

creative drawer nightstand

SOURCE: Design Sponge

An old drawer makes a fun shelf nightstand as well. An added plus is that you can hang a light by looping the cord through the drawer handle. A perfect small space solution!

Use A Suitcase Or Suitcases For Creative Nightstands

creative suitcase nightstand

SOURCE: The Weathered Door

Attach some legs to a vintage suitcase and you get a charming nightstand with room for storage. If you don’t want to attach legs to a suitcase, try stacking three or four of them together to get the right height.

creative nightstands

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