Deck Decorating Ideas On A Budget

This time of year, most all of my decorating efforts go to the porch or deck. Since the majority of our time will be spent outdoors, I like to dress up our outdoor seating areas. Today’s focus is going to be on backyard decks. There are lots of ideas for freshening up the space that don’t cost a lot of money. From unique planters to creative seating, there is a budget friendly project.

deck decorating ideas on a budget

The first thing that we do with our deck is give it a good pressure washing. This gives us a fresh and clean base to work from. Our decking happens to be with composite boards which are a mix of recycled wood and plastic. Because of this, we only need to pressure wash each year. If you have wooden decking, you may want to consider re-staining as well. Once your deck floor is looking sharp, it’s time to concentrate on other deck decorating ideas.

This collection of ideas should inspire you for your own deck decor. The projects range from super easy to a little more advanced. However, all of the projects are easy on the budget. Get started now on a deck space that will be the envy of all the neighbors!

Budget Friendly Deck Decor Projects

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Hang String Lights Over Deck

budget deck decorating with string lights
TUTORIAL: Jenna Kate At Home

Romantic overhead string lights top my list of deck decorating ideas. Whenever we go out for dinner, I am drawn to those restaurants with outdoor seating that includes overhanging lights. You can easily get this same look at home with the help of just a couple of wooden stakes. It definitely sets a warm and festive tone.


DIY Deck Storage Bench

diy deck storage box
TUTORIAL: Sand And Sisal

Like anywhere in a home, there always seems to be a need for storage places. On the deck, you may want to store things like pillows, toys, or seat cushions. To give yourself some nice added storage along with style, you can make your own storage box. When the box is closed, it works as a bench or side table. A wooden box can withstand the weather too with the right finishes.

Add Interesting Plantings In Galvanized Buckets

deck decorating with galvanized planters
TUTORIAL: On Sutton Place

Add color and fresh greenery with a container garden using galvanized buckets. For a cool design, use a few buckets of different sizes to plant a variety of options. Herbs, flowers, and even small bushes are great options to add interest to your deck. Also, why not throw a small container on your table top for a nice centerpiece!

Update Cushions With Dye

deck decorating with updated cushions
TUTORIAL: Alice And Lois

A fantastic way to give your deck furniture an update is to freshen up or change the color of your cushions. Depending on the cushions that you need, it could be expensive to buy new. Instead, you can possibly dye the cushion fabric a new color. This is what was done with the furniture above. Another way to update your furniture is to simply change out the throw pillows.


Paint On A Rug

painted deck rug
SOURCE: The Vintage Nest

I often see pictures of area rugs on decks and love the look of them. However, in the area I live it doesn’t seem practical. With the exposure to weather and leaves and pollen, it would be a never ending job to keep it looking nice. When I saw this option for a painted rug, it was a game changer. This is a great way to get the cozy look and still have the ease of maintaining it.

Build A Flip Up Deck Bar

diy flip up deck bar
TUTORIAL: Designed Decor

Give your deck a party atmosphere with an easy to build flip up bar. The simple construction is budget friendly and fairly quick to do. Add a few bar stools and then invite your friends to help you enjoy. This is one DIY rustic decor project that is a must to try!


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  1. Omg. The BEFORE looks much better than the AFTER of the ‘Updated Cushions’ one. Lol.

  2. Great ideas! I’m always looking for ways to decorate the deck on a small budget. Outdoor furnishings can quickly add up. Thank you!

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