Halloween Wreath Ideas

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If you are looking for a decorative way to greet visitors and trick or treaters this Halloween, I have found some great Halloween wreath ideas that you can make.  Whether you want something that is just cute and festive or creepy and spooky, there is a craft project out there for any style.  Most all of the crafts are super easy to do too so you can whip one of these up in no time at all!

This first wreath would definitely fall into the creepy category but it is perfect for Halloween.  You have to check out the easy tutorial from messyroost.blogspot.com and see her complete window display.

Cupcake liners make up this fun and spooky wreath from Alderberry Hill. Look close and you will see eyeballs staring back at you!  This is easier to make than it looks so make sure to check it out.

I love this wreath from 36th Avenue!  It is so cute and shabby chic.  The fabric choices are so cheerful and the beads that spell out welcome are truly welcoming.

Here is something a little less traditional for your front door.  Instead of a typical wreath why not decorate with a picture frame.  I love this idea by Blue Cricket Design.  This can be whipped up fast and easy for a creepy welcome on Halloween night.

I Hate this wreath!  But, that is because I am terrified of snakes.  This wreath by mcillecespot.blogspot.com would be super effective at creeping out your guests.  Kids especially would love this.  So if you are looking for a good scare tactic for this Halloween, check out the easy tutorial.

If you are more into dishing out treats than scary tricks, this wreath made from candy corn is a nice welcome.  The idea came from Women’s Day.

This idea from The Speckled Dog uses various patterns of  orange and black ribbon to create this fun design.  I like the festive party atmosphere it brings.

And finally, a collection of Halloween wreath ideas would not be complete without a wreath that contained bats.  This chevron wreath by Tater Tots and Jello is so cute and festive.  I love how the bats are strung across the middle with the contrasting orange and black patterns.

Hopefully these ideas will help to inspire you to create your own Halloween wreath.  It doesn’t take long to make something fun that trick or treaters and guests will enjoy!

Happy crafting!

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  1. Thank You so much for the Shout OUT!

  2. You are welcome Desiree! I love everything about that wreath – the fabric choices, the beads, the crow…

  3. Thanks for featuring my Martha Stewart snake wreath! I’ve already creeped out lots of unsuspecting guest this season… have a great week!

  4. You’re welcome Amber! That wreath definitely wins the award for creepiest. It’s such a great idea.

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