Ideas For Decorating With Balls

Decorating with balls or spheres is an easy way to add color and texture to a room. Whether you place the decorative balls in a vase, bowl, or shelf, they are sure to add a little impact. I especially like vintage pool balls and croquet balls for the cheerful color and vintage charm. Other balls to use are those made from concrete, wood, wicker, or metal. For a softer look, felt balls are also extremely popular. I’ll show you some ideas on how to display decorative balls with a variety of different ball types. Any room in your house can benefit from the playful look achieved.

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Pool Ball Vase Filler

vintage pool balls

Tall glass vases are perfect for adding colorful fillers. I wanted something cheerful and playful to put on a small side table. Since billiard balls offer both color and pattern, they are just what was needed for the space. Although the faded and worn look of vintage balls adds a certain charm, you can also purchase a set of new balls for a very similar look.

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Felt Balls

felt ball flowers

You may have seen felt balls used to make garlands. They are also great for displaying in bowls or as flowers in a vase. Just poke a metal stick or branch through the center of the felt ball and you have a cheerful abstract flower to display.

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Vintage Croquet Balls

vintage croquet balls

The colors and stripes of vintage croquet balls make them good for display as well. Some of them even have ridges for extra texture and interest. With colored balls, you can change them up for the different seasons.

Mix Up A Variety Of Balls

letter balls

Mixing up a variety of ball types is a fun idea for a large bowl. Make the display super colorful, keep it totally neutral or add just a touch of color to a black, white, and gray display. Here small letter balls are mixed with vintage croquet balls, concrete balls, and a playful decorative dot sphere.

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DIY Faux Snowballs

faux snowballs
TUTORIAL: How To Make Indoor Snowballs

An appropriate ball to display during the Winter season is a faux snowball. You can easily make your own using styrofoam balls. See the easy tutorial link above. I like to make these to display on trays, in bowls, and for buckets under the Christmas tree.

Modern Decorative Balls

modern decorative balls

There really are almost an endless amount of styles of decorative balls that you can purchase. Whatever your room style, there is sure to be a type of ball that will coordinate. If you don’t want to fill a whole bowl or vase, you can easily just set a couple on a shelf.

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Wicker Balls

wicker ball

Decorative balls can be combined in bowls or trays with other items as well. Throw things together and see what you like for your particular vignette.

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Wine Carafe Topper

wine carafe topper ball

Another way to add a little warmth to glass vases or carafes is to place a ball so it sits on the opening.

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Small containers call for small balls. Marbles might be the perfect solution for a mini tray or bowl.

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DIY Twine Balls

diy twine balls

Here is a fun project for making your own balls for decorating with. All you have to do is wrap twine and other embellishments around a styrofoam ball. Use Mod Podge to adhere and seal it all together.

Ball Ornaments As Bowl Filler

ball ornament bowl fillers
SOURCE: How To Decorate With Extra Ornaments

At Christmas, a popular ball to decorate with is simply the leftover Christmas balls for the tree. They make such a festive display on the coffe table.

Wooden Balls

wooden ball
billiard ball throw pillow
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