Make A Plaque With A Fun Quote

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Whenever I am out shopping, I always seem to come across fun quotes on plaques.  Usually, I contemplate buying one but then always come to the conclusion that I could easily make one myself.  It is very easy to make a plaque which gives you the ability to customize the quote to suite your interest.

I was inspired to make this plaque from an idea I had seen at a shabby chic interiors store.  They had wooden squares that were  painted black, slightly distressed and with all white block letters stenciled on.  The simple design was very eye catching.  I wanted to make something of my own, however, that would fit in with rustic decor a little better.

I purchased an unfinished square of wood from Joann’s craft store and painted it lightly with a dark amber acrylic paint instead of black.  I did just a light coat so that some of the wood grain would show through.  Instead of using white paint for my stenciled letters, I used a light celery.

Since we have a fishing cabin, I thought it would be fun to make a plaque with a fishing quote.  I googled fishing quotes and came up with one I liked – “Good Things Come To Those Who Bait”, author unknown.

This quote also inspired me to add a couple of flies to the corners of the plaque for extra embellishment.  Now it is similar to the plaques that I liked but with a rustic twist.

Here is a close-up of the painted wood.  You can see the wood grain through the light layer of paint.  Also notice that the wood that I purchased has nice routed edges for a finished look.

When doing stenciling, it is best to use a stencil paint brush.  Place brush lightly in paint and then dab off most of it.  Now you can apply the paint over the stencil opening using a dabbing motion.

Make sure that your wood size will accommodate your quote and fill the entire block.  I eyeballed my layout but you could measure the letters and pencil in some guide lines or stencil lightly in pencil before stencilling with paint.

Once your project is complete, you can attach a picture hanger to the back for hanging or simply place the plaque in a table top easel.

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