Summer Nature Crafts

Summer is a fun time to be outside enjoying the nature!  After spending some time outdoors, you may want to bring a little bit of that nature inside and create something decorative for your home or patio. These summer nature crafts will help you do just that.

I love to use beach sand in craft projects, especially as a filler.  A simple outdoor table lighting idea is too fill a mason jar about a third full with some beach sand and lay a tea light on top.  When lit you have some great ambiance for a late night barbecue or drink on the patio.

Another fun nature craft is to make these whimsical wooden flowers out of pine cone “petals” and slices from a pine branch.  Stick the assorted flowers in a colorful flower pot and you have a fun display for the Summer.

I went searching for some more nature crafts, that you can use in your home, and came up with a collection of ideas that are easy, fun and look great too!

Summer Nature Craft Ideas

Display A Seashell Collection

sand and seashell display in a glass jar

A collection of seashells in a bed of beach sand makes a perfect Summer display in a glass vase or jar.  So simple and elegant!

Frame Some Starfish

SOURCE: Mom Endeavors

If you are lucky enough to find some starfish, this framed project is a fun one. To go along with the beachy feel of the starfish, the frames were painted in a cool blue color and distressed. I love the contrast of the blue frame and the brown interior backing for the starfish!

Make A Beachy Candle Display

candle display with beach sand and shells
SOURCE: Simple Mom Tips

I love all of the details in this candle display. The nautical rope, starfish, old photo, and seashells add a lot to the glass vases filled with sand and candles.

Make A Sign With Blocks

These craft blocks are so cute and make such a fun display for a shelf or table.

Create An Acorn Flower Plaque

acorn flower plaque


After taking a nature walk this Summer, this craft is quick and easy to put together. Collect some acorns on your path and arrange them in a floral design on a wood slab. Use twigs for stems and small pine cones for extra embellishments.

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  1. great ideas thanks for sharing, will use some of the ideas for summer camp at work!

  2. Love the acorn art!

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