October Crafts Using Book Pages

With the change of seasons, there is always a fresh spark to get creative and switch out some home decor accessories. Usually, the start of Fall is when many of us get inspired for new crafts or DIY projects either for ourselves or to sell at craft shows. The care free time of Summer is over and we begin thinking about things inside our homes. October brings Halloween which is a jump start to all of the other end of year holidays. There are so many Fall crafts that are fun to do so I thought I would simplify with showing only October crafts using book pages. Think pumpkins, leaves, and even ghosts!

Ghost Pop Up Pages

ghost pop up pages

This first book page craft is super simple but it’s a fun one! All it requires is an old book, a pencil, scissors, tape, and a black sharpie. You do need to draw a ghost or two but if you can draw a curvy line, you shouldn’t have a problem.

The first step is to find an old book that you don’t mind cutting into. At least there is very minimal damage to the book with this craft. So, if you decide later that you really need to read it, you can just push down those ghosts and tape them back in place.

ghost drawing on book page

Once you decide on a book, open it up to about the middle. With a pencil, draw a ghost on each of the two pages. If you don’t like your ghostly shape, either erase or simply turn the page and start over. Keep the bottom of the ghost fairly straight across for later folding. Add details like eyes that you can fill in with a black sharpie.

ghost cutouts

Now it’s time to cut out the ghosts but not all the way! Start with a straight cut down from the top of the page. Then, continue cutting around the ghost outline at one side but stop when you get lost to the bottom. Go back to the top and cut the other side of the ghost ending at the bottom again.

To get the ghosts to stand up, you just need to fold the cut out toward you and make a crease at the bottom of the ghost shape.

october crafts book page ghost

It doesn’t matter too much what the bottom of the ghost drawing looks like, just make a straight fold.

pop up ghost

In order to keep the remainder of the book page flat, you will want to tape the small cut at the top to hold it together. That’s all you need to do. See I told you it would be simple!

ghosts from book pages

More October Crafts

DIY Book Page Leaf Fall Wreath

fall book page wreath
TUTORIAL: DIY Fall Book Page Wreath

As you know, wreaths with colorful leaves are very popular in the Fall. However, a fun twist is to add in some book page leaves. They add a chic or vintage look to the design and are so easy to incorporate. The best book pages to use are the ones that are old and yellowed. This gives a nice warm look for the season.

Leaf Garland

leaf garland
SOURCE: Sondra Lyn At Home

If you would prefer not to make a full wreath, why not string some leaves together for a decorative garland for the fireplace mantel or a shelf. All you need to do is clip a couple of leaves together on a section of twine.

Book Page Pumpkin Craft

book page pumpkin craft
TUTORIAL: DIY Book Page Pumpkin Craft

I also like to turn old paperback books into three dimensional objects. Make pumpkins, apples, or pears and then just insert a branch for the stems.

fall white pumpkin pillow
AVAILABLE AT AMAZON: Fall Pumpkin Pillow

Book Page Letters For Garland

book page craft letters
SOURCE: 40 Creative DIY Fall Garlands

To make letters for a seasonal Fall sign, simply glue book pages to card stock and cut the letters out with a stencil.

Make Your Own Book Pages

So what do you do if you are inspired by some of these October crafts but you don’t have or want to take apart any of your books? I have a solution for that! You won’t believe how easy it is to make your own vintage looking book pages with regular printer paper. Check out my tutorial for making aged book pages. You can even customize the titles, and words for a more meaningful page.

homemade book page
TUTORIAL: How To Make Your Own Aged Book Pages
halloween crow throw pillow
AVAILABLE AT AMAZON: Halloween Crow Throw Pillow
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