Vintage Kitchen Decor

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If you have a lot of counter or over the cabinet space, you may want to consider filling the spaces with some vintage kitchen decor. The nostalgic look of old and worn kitchen gadgets can make even a modern kitchen more warm. I have collected several vintage kitchen accessories just because I like the feeling they portray. Since they make me happy, I display them throughout my kitchen.

Ideas For Vintage Kitchen Decor

1. An Old Coffee Grinder

kitchen decor

I like the combination of wood and metal on this coffee grinder. Since it is fairly neutral, it can fit in with most kitchens.

2. Bushel Basket and Meat Grinder

vintage kitchen decor

Keeping with the wood and metal theme, I paired a wooden bushel basket with an old metal meat grinder. To add even more style to a bushel basket, you could fill it with florals.

3. Soda Water Carrier

kitchen decor

One of my favorite vintage pieces is this old soda water container.  It makes a great place to store some faux pears. Better yet, it could be filled with old bottles and flowers.

4. A Vintage Cafe Sign

vintage kitchen sign

I found this sign in the back yard area of the antique store I was shopping at.  There were plenty of things for sale back there, some with price tags and some without.  This didn’t have a tag but I was ready to negotiate!  I grabbed it and headed for the counter only to find out that it wasn’t for sale.  This sign was still being used by a local church for an annual charity dinner.  However, the store owner decided that she could easily have another one made if we wanted to make a donation to the church…which we did!

Although I really liked the sign, it took me quite a while to figure out what I wanted to do with it and where I wanted to put it in my house.  I was concerned that it may be just a wee bit too shabby for my kitchen.  I considered it for our cabin and it can still go there if I don’t like it in the house.  One of the problems that I couldn’t get past, or come up with a way to fix, were all of the holes.

After some thought, I decided to just hide the holes with other decor.

kitchen decor





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  2. I think it looks great up there! And the addition of the baskets and eggplant definitely add some depth to the display. Well done!

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