Table Decor Ideas For An Outdoor Barbecue

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When entertaining outside it is fun to decorate your table a little more rustic with some fresh and natural decor.  There are a lot of ways to accomplish this with very little effort or expense.  All you need to do is gather up some items from your yard and recycle bin to come up with some of the items pictured.

To start, check out what kinds of empty bottles you might have laying around.  I used an old lemonade bottle for a vase to put a few wild flowers that grow at the edge of our woods.  You could use any bottle and place clippings from flowers you grow or find a grove of wild flowers to use.

If you do any canning or have been the recipient of goodies in a mason jar, you may have some jars in your cupboard that you can put to use.  A fun table decoration is to fill a jar with either sand or small river rock part way and then set a tea light or citronella candle on top of the rock.  This gives nice accent light in the evening and helps to keep the mosquitoes away if you are using citronella.  Wrap a little raffia around the top of the jar for a little extra embellishment.

I love to use either a full burlap tablecloth or just a table runner for a nice rustic backdrop to the rest of my table decor.  Another fun accent that is really quite easy to make is birch branch garland.  You can actually use any kind of thin branch.  The branches are just cut into small pieces with a small hole drilled into each one.  They are then threaded together  on a long piece of elastic string.  You can either leave them natural or paint them white or any color of your party theme.

Having a menu on your table is a fun idea.  You can either buy a small chalkboard or make your own using an old picture frame and some chalkboard paint.  Just set the chalkboard on a small easel or prop it up to display your menu.

Finally, you can cover any type of container that you have with birch bark or other bark for a more rustic look.  You can buy rolls of faux bark from most craft stores.  However, if you have access to a woods with birch trees, simply look for fallen birch.  Many times the birch just slips off of the trunk.  You can then peel it even further to get it pliable to work with.  Then cut the birch into pieces and hot glue them to your container.  You can then line your container with branches to decorate further and give it a more finished look.  See wine bottle art for details on working with birch bark.

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