Ten Easy DIY Rustic Decor Projects

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So how do you turn an otherwise ordinary wall, furniture piece or accessory into something earthy, warm and reminiscent of a cozy cabin in the middle of the woods?  Simply bring some of that woods or other bits of nature inside.  I can’t believe how much some simple birch logs, strategically placed in a room, can immediately bring about a relaxed feel.

Our home is full of our birch floor lamps that seem to fit in with any room that they are placed in.  However, not all decor projects need to be quite so labor intensive to give you that wow factor.  We have also placed several tall birch logs in a basket behind a sofa for some instant rustic eye appeal.

I gave this brick wall, at our cabin, some added coziness by once again bringing in some of that birch.  The old antique planter box was a must for the wall to hold some empty wine bottles.  They just don’t stay full for very long!  The great thing about this whole project was that it  was super easy.  Each of the birch logs are just hanging, from the wood insert in the brick, by a notched out hole in the back of the log – kind of like hanging a long skinny picture!

There are lots of other things that you can do to give yourself that feeling of being at a lodge or lakefront cottage.    Here are some other ideas that I found that can be done real quick and easy:

2.  Make a quick and easy coat hook hanger, like this one by Polished Objects, using sections of tree branches.  All of the various shapes and sizes give this wall display a fun and whimsically rustic look.

3.  I found this picture advertising the beautiful rustic console table.  However, look at the birch logs in the background.  I love the simple styling of the bunch tied loosely with the thick rope.  This is such an easy decorating idea that really packs a powerful punch.

4.  Another great use for birch logs is using them for a table base like this one by All You.   Since these logs need to be uniform and level, you will want to make sure that the logs you are using are fully dried.  It normally takes about a year per inch for natural drying.  However, you can also purchase logs all dried and ready to go from places like Spirit Of The Woods.   As for the glass tabletop, I have picked up these from Michaels fairly inexpensively.

5.  I love the look of this old ladder being using as a shelf by Monkey and Squirrel.  It doesn’t get much easier than this to add a ton of rustic interest to your wall.

6.  Make a faux headboard with weathered wood!  The boards don’t even have to be straight or even since any variances just add to the rustic appeal.  I love how the word “love” is painted onto the boards in a fun color.

7.  Put an old crate on legs for a fun side table like this one by Home Workshop.  You could either make legs like the ones shown or simply use four logs for a quick set up.

8.  The shelf, crates, and mason jar all add a nice rustic touch to the very modern entertainment center shown by Curbly.

9.  I found this fantastic looking tree bed for sale at This Next.  However, it inspired me as an idea  that could be used on an existing bed frame.  A  simpler design on a box style or metal bed frame would give the same type of feel.  Even just four straight log posts with some thin birch twigs wrapped around would be a fun look.

10.  I love making use of old pallets for a rustic design and taking one apart for wall shelving, like this idea by Rikki Rogers, is an excellent idea.

Hopefully you have been inspired by the rustic simplicity of these decor ideas.  It is all a matter of either bringing in some nature or a little bit of the old and distressed!

Happy Decorating!

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  1. I love the headboard idea. I have a double bed up against a slanted wall and am looking for ideas for a headboard that is only 36″ tall … and the use of these horizontal boards is just perfect. I also have some scrap wood so if I can figure out how to weather it or just paint and distress it, I think that will work!

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