Turn A Coke Bottle Into Rustic Decor

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Here is a great way to create some rustic decor and recycle all at the same time.  I had previously done a similar project using a wine bottle but because of the overwhelming popularity, I decided to do another tutorial with added pictures.

I used one of the mini coke bottles for this project just to show the differences in style depending on the type of bottle you choose.  This is much smaller than a wine bottle and would be great to incorporate into a smaller space.

This craft uses natural birch bark from fallen trees.  If you don’t have access to natural bark, you can buy synthetic bark from a craft store like Joann.  I have seen different kinds of bark that come in about two inch rolls.  You would just want to cut the bark into small workable pieces.

Materials Needed:

  • birch bark
  • coke bottle
  • bark covered wire
  • birch branches
  • dried flowers/weeds
  • acrylic sealer or polyurethane
  • tacky glue
  • hot glue

Step One: Twist a section of bark covered wire around the top of your bottle and clip with tin snips.  Remove from bottle and save for later.  You can also do this step at the end but I like to have the wire pre-twisted so that I am not disturbing the birch bark too much by winding the wire around it.

Step Two: Begin gluing small pieces of peeled birch bark to the bottle, starting at the bottom, with hot glue.  When you are peeling bark from your log, it is kind of like peeling wallpaper.  Sometimes you get nice big sections.  You don’t want a piece that is longer than what will wrap around once though.  The smaller pieces are easier to work with.  Always glue your pieces with the grain of the bark.  Never go the opposite way – it will look bad!  It might be tempting if you have a long vertical section of your bottle left to be filled and you peel off the perfect size to fill the gap, but don’t do it.  You want your finished piece to look as natural as possible.

Step Three: Once you have most of your bottle covered, like this, you will want to go back over it with some thinner layers of birch making the bark look as natural as possible.  I like to use hot glue for the first layer and tacky glue for the fill in pieces.

This second layer has more of the thin papery layers and a few more curls.  It is the most fun to work with as you start to develop more of a natural looking birch tree.

Step Four: Spray the whole thing with an acrylic sealer or polyurethane spray.  I used a matte finish just to protect and seal the bark.  If you want a little more sheen go for a satin or gloss finish.

Step Five: Place your twisted bark covered wire around the neck of the bottle for some extra decor.  Fill the bottle with your favorite floral picks or birch branches.

**This is a great project to make yourself but if you don’t have the time and would like the finished piece, I will be offering these in my store.

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  1. Question, I work with crafts for a seniors home. If we paint on plates, what sealing paint can we use so they can put cookies and etc. on them?

  2. Hi Bettie,
    I have not done this procedure myself but I heard you can go over the plates with a transparent ceramic paint and then bake them to seal the finish. You can find the details here – http://www.ehow.com/how_5728608_seal-painted-plates.html

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