Craft Room Organization Ideas That Are Free

Craft room organization doesn’t have to be expensive. Not when there are plenty of free options for storing supplies. Instead of buying shelving units and storage cabinets, think about furniture you may have already, around the house, that can be upcycled for use in the craft room. It’s a great way to get decorative storage cabinets. Not only that, but there are plenty of common containers that can be reused for craft supply storage. I’ll show you how to organize a craft room without having to spend a dime.

craft room organization

Any time I can repurpose household items for another use, is a good day in my book! Number one, I don’t have the hassle of donating or selling the old item. And number two, it’s like shopping in my own home for something totally new. I don’t have to spend the money plus I get the satisfaction of giving an old item new life. This makes craft room organization totally worth the time.

If you spend a little time going through everything that you have in your house, I’ll bet you will come up with several things that you no longer use. Instead of just letting those items take up unnecessary space, think about how you can reuse them! Any type of container can be turned into a functional item for storage with little to no modification.

Ways To Recycle And Organize

Recycle Old Furniture For Craft Room Cabinets

Old dressers, desks, hutches, file cabinets, and more can all work to provide some storage space. If you have more than one piece of furniture that you can use in your craft room, you can make them look cohesive. All you have to do is paint them all the same or coordinating colors. Changing out the hardware is another way to give the furniture an update and a way to make two pieces look like they are matching. The best pieces have a combination of shelves, drawers, and cabinet space.

Vintage Kitchen Cabinet

For example, this vintage kitchen hutch provides both open and concealed storage space. This just shows that there is no need to throw out old furniture when it can be used in a new way. An old kitchen hutch makes the perfect storage unit in a craft room. With all of the shelves, drawers, and cupboard, there is room to hold a lot of material.

craft room organization

Although this hutch used to be a 70’s bright yellow, a fresh coat of white paint and new hardware help to make it look fresh and more modern.

Old Hutch With A Stylish Makeover

This next hutch got an incredible makeover with a little paint and distressing. The result is an impressive high end looking piece of furniture for a stylish craft room. When you paint an old piece of furniture, pick a fun color to help inspire creativity.

craft room upcycled hutch

SOURCE: Older And Wisor

Credenzas For Ultimate Storage

With sectioned drawers, slide out trays, and shelving, this credenza can hold almost anything. The sliding doors make access easy. Besides all of the room inside the credenza, there is all kinds of room on top of it as well. This gives plenty of space for additional storage containers as well as a work surface for cutting papers.

credenza craft room storage

China Cabinet Gets A New Life

Not only is this vintage china cabinet perfect to use in the cabinets, but can you guess what the picnic baskets underneath are used for? Yep, craft supplies! You may not go picnicking with a big basket anymore but that doesn’t mean it can’t still be useful. Not only does it provide functional storage, but it is a great way to display a fun vintage item.

china cabinet craft storage

SOURCE: Postcards From The Ridge

Use Old Household Containers For Storage

I mentioned that you can use almost any household item for holding craft supplies. Whether it is a muffin tin for small supplies or a set of picnic baskets for bigger things, you just have to think outside the box when it comes to storage.

Kitchen Canisters For Craft Supplies

Even old kitchen canisters can work to hold your supplies. If the canisters are not glass, you can just label them in some way so that you know what is inside. Easy to grab items like velcro or ribbon work well in a canister with a wide mouth. Smaller canisters can be used to store small items. Just use a scoop of some sort to get them out.

canisters for craft room organization

Glass Containers And Mason Jars

Any type of glass container is great to use for visible storage. You don’t need to label them since you can see right inside! Glass canisters, mason jars, bowls, or candle holders all work for storing various sizes of supplies.

glass craft storage containers

I love using glass containers for storing colorful items like threads, ribbons, and buttons. Since, I love the look of vintage mason jars, I use quite a bit of them in my craft room. Although I like the idea of clear glass for seeing the supplies, some tools don’t need full view. In that case, I have dressed up the jars with burlap for another look.

mason jar storage

Another Use For Coffee Mugs

Over time, you may have found yourself with way more coffee mugs than what you need. I know that I can be a sucker for buying a cute new mug that I don’t even need. When you like the look of your mugs but your kitchen cupboards are bursting at the seams, bring them over to your craft room instead. A mug works great for storing pens, markers, and small scissors.

coffee mug craft storage

Boxes With Lids

Any box with a lid should definitely be used for storage. Boxes can stack together so nicely on a shelf. Decorated shoe boxes are commonly used in this way. I used to have a subscription to Birch Box and they would send me a small box of makeup goodies once a month. The boxes that were sent were so cute and decorative. Plus the small sizes are perfect for the many small craft supplies that I have. All I had to do was stick some labels on the boxes. They were already fun and decorative.

storage boxes

Garden Pots For Paintbrushes

Pretty pots aren’t just for the garden. If you have a couple of leftover pots, use them in the craft room. I like to store paint brushes in a decorative pot for a fun look.

garden pot

Other Craft Room Organization Ideas

80’s Stereo Cabinet For Fabric

craft room organization

Even the most unlikely of items can serve a new purpose in the craft room. An old stereo cabinet can hold fabric or other supplies and a picture frame can be repurposed as a bobbin holder.

Old CD Holder Now Holds Paint

Here is an example of an old cd tower being used for paint storage.

ccd tower for paint storage

SOURCE: Domestically Creative

Trade In Spices For Buttons

When a spice rack is no longer needed in the kitchen, that too can be used in a cool way for craft supplies. Keep all of those small items right at your fingertips by trading in your spices for buttons or beads.

spice rack craft storage

SOURCE: Sadie Seasongoods

Swap Out Shoe Storage For Thread Storage

Those plastic or canvas hanging shoe organizers are great for more than just shoes. All of the little compartments also offer a ton of storage options in the craft room. Here, the shoe organizer is used for storing thread.

shoe organizer used for thread

Have these ideas inspired you to start shopping in your own home? It is so rewarding killing two birds with one stone. Make the most of what you have by using it! Craft room organization becomes so simple and budget friendly. Do you have any suggestions or things that you have reused in your own craft room? Let us know what they are by leaving a comment!

If you like the idea of organizing your craft room for free, you will also want to check out my post on making your own craft storage units from throw away items.

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