A Roundup Of Vintage Craft Ideas

If you like to collect vintage items, you may find that some are great to display as is and others are more fun to re-purpose into another usable or decorative item.

I love to shop for anything vintage and have found that some work especially great in craft projects.  Old wooden hangers make great jewelry hangers or photo holders like this one.

I have also seen them used simply as towel holders, like this idea from Junk Camp, when they are hung upside down:

Or, here is another take on a jewelry hanger by Household 6 Diva:

I also like to collect those old wooden industrial bobbins.  They are great for making candle holders or small vases like this one:

Another fun use for these bobbins is in making pedestals.  I love this pedestal cake stand from Reclaimed Crafts:

They also make a great place to wind up and store your twine in a decorative way:

A more unusual item that I like to collect and use in craft projects is vintage hose nozzles.  I use these for pedestal dishes and photo holders:

Vintage suitcases are something that I would like to start collecting.  I have some ideas for storage that I would like to use some of these for.  However, the best idea that I have seen using a vintage suitcase has to be the one from Camille Styles:

A cat bed is such a cute idea and it’s even perched up a little higher which cats love!

And, I just love this painted white suitcase turned table by Shabby, Chic and Charming:

Finally, vintage skeleton keys are a favorite item to collect.

They are great to display in creative ways.  One popular way to do this is to place a few in a picture frame like this one by Centsational Girl:

I have also used one in this Valentine craft:

Happy Crafting!