15 Christmas Activities For Your Bucket List

Once the Christmas presents are wrapped and the cards are sent out, there are still some fun Christmas activities you will want to put on your to do list. There are several fun activities that you can do with family and friends to spread out the Christmas season. This includes some charitable ideas that will sure to bring joy to those you may not even know.

Plan A Secret Santa Game

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The secret santa game is a fun activity for a work group or neighborhood. All of the participants names get put into a bucket and everyone gets to draw one name. The name you draw is who you buy a gift for but it has to be kept a secret. At the gift exchange, everyone gets to guess who their secret santa is.

Take A Family Photo For Cards

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Photo Christmas cards are a popular card idea. It especially gives long distance recipients a nice update on the family. For the last few years, our family picture takes place over Christmas. Then, it is posted to all of our friends and family via social media. It’s kind of cheating on the whole Christmas card tradition but boy is it efficient! If you like to send out your cards the traditional way, just plan a family get together to get your picture taken in time.

Organize A Cookie Exchange

decorated Christmas cookies
Rolled Sugar Cookie Recipe

One of my favorite memories is the cookie exchange that our neighborhood did for years. It was great when all of the kids were small. Everyone loved the variety of cookies that were received! The way we did it was each participant made one kind of cookie to divide between the other participants. We usually gave each person a dozen which was later changed to a half dozen as families got smaller. This meant we went home with several dozen cookies of different types. What a treat!

Enjoy An Outdoor Campfire

winter campfire

The best campfires take place on a crisp Winter day. It makes the fire so inviting and the atmosphere is absolutely gorgeous. It might be good to add some chestnuts roasting!

Have A Snowball Fight

indoor snowballs
How To Make Indoor Snowballs

Play outside and enjoy all of the fresh snow. Whether sledding, skiing, or snow ball fighting, it’s a great time to be outdoors. To bring a little bit of that joy inside, make yourself some indoor faux snowballs to display.

Cut Down Your Own Christmas Tree

cut down christmas tree

Fresh Christmas trees always smell so good. Whether you and your family make a trip to the local tree farm or cut your own from the woods, the event is always a good time. I know we do a lot of laughing as we search through the woods for our little whispy Charlie Brown type tree!

Set Up A Hot Chocolate Bar

hot chocolate bar ideas
Festive Hot Chocolate Bar Ideas

Nothing is more comforting during the winter than a sweet and festive hot chocolate bar. Add all kinds of holiday stir ins and toppings to make the drinks all the more special.

Go On A Nature Walk For Christmas Greenery

bucket of Christmas greens and reds

There is so much beauty outside that you really don’t need to spend money to create a festive ambiance. Just take a walk outside and gather some greenery from your own yard. When you can find some holly or winter berries, it’s just icing on the cake!

Make Some Homemade Garland

homemade Christmas garland
DIY Branch Christmas Garland

While taking your walk, you might also want to gather up some branches to make a rustic garland for your tree or mantel. This can be a fun family activity of stringing bark pieces on string. It reminds me of when we would sting popcorn for garland when I was growing up.

Put Together Some Mason Jar Gifts

mason jar gift
Mason Jar Gift Ideas

We can’t forget about gifts for teachers, bus drivers, babysitters, and others who provide services. Mason jar gifts are a fun way to show appreciation. Get your kids to help you layer ingredients in the jars so they feel a part of the gift giving.

Go Caroling

Christmas songsheet
DIY Christmas Songsheet Ornament

It can be fun to form a group and go caroling through a neighborhood. Whether you can carry a tune or not, it’s a great way to spread Christmas cheer.

Light Candles In Windows

window candles

Provide a warm welcome to your home by lighting candles in the windows before guests arrive. The warm glow will set a cozy ambiance.

Donate To Someone In Need

toys to donate

Donating toys to a program like Toys For Tots is always a good idea. Not only do you provide a little happiness to a child but it always feels good to give in this way. Get your kids involved in picking out toys to donate. It’s a great lesson on giving.

Volunteer Your Time

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Donations don’t always have to be monetary. When you donate your time it can be such a help to someone else. Some ideas are to volunteer to serve a meal at a homeless shelter, do the Christmas shopping for the elderly, or bring a meal to someone who is house bound.

Enjoy A Christmas Concert Or Musical

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When possible, it’s always a treat to be able to relax and take in a concert during the holiday season. With all of the busyness, it’s good to take time to enjoy the sounds of the season. My favorite holiday concert is the Transiberian Orchestra and favorite musical is the Nutcracker ballet.

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