Industrial Ideas And DIY Pipe Projects

Rustic decorating can be a lot of different things. One of my favorite trends is incorporating some industrial ideas. It’s pretty easy to put together some industrial chic combo pieces in your decor. Cool salvaged metal and DIY pipe projects are just a couple of popular ways. I have come up with some inspiration pieces that will get you thinking of other things that you can try.

Industrial Chic Inspiration

In this one vignette, I have a couple of ideas to try. This vintage lamp used to have a dome shade on it. To give it a cool industrial look, I simply left it without a shade and used a vintage inspired Edison bulb. Below the lamp is my second idea. I love the shabby chic look of old books tied together. Combining the books with an industrial bookend creates the industrial chic look. The bookend was made by welding an old gear to two flat pieces of metal.

Industrial Ideas With Salvaged Metal

industrial ideas with salvaged metal and vintage pieces

I bought this industrial flower off Etsy and placed it in a crystal vase. The flower is another project using a welder to combine industrial metal parts.

industrial chic flower

One of my favorite items to use in an industrial DIY project is plumbers pipe. A fantastic project for the kitchen is to create open shelving with plumbers pipe and warm reclaimed wood. These DIY pipe shelves by Chip and Joanna Gaines look especially good with the white accessories and tile. For an easy tutorial on how to make pipe shelving, check out Cherished Bliss tutorial on how to build industrial pipe shelves.

DIY Pipe Projects

diy pipe shelves

There are so many cool industrial chic projects that you can do in a kitchen. Get more inspiration from these other industrial chic kitchens.

DIY pipe industrial storage unit

Combining plumbers pipe and metal bins with a wooden frame is a perfect example of combining industrial and chic. Get the plans for this design from Martha Stewart’s industrial chic storage unit tutorial.

Incorporate Metal Antiques

Other types of storage ideas include DIY shoe racks and industrial blanket ladders. I have actually used an old industrial metal ladder for shoe storage!

industrial chic shoe rack

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