Rustic Gift Wrapping Ideas

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Half of the fun of giving and receiving a gift is in the actual gift wrapping itself.  The whole delivery is what makes a gift truly special.  It’s like the icing on the cake!  If you give a great gift but hand it over in a brown paper bag, it doesn’t lend too much to the anticipation.

I love to gift wrap in unique and out of the ordinary ways.  Sure there are great wrapping papers out there, but if you can come up with something a little different it just adds to the wow factor and many times costs less.

I always have lots of patterned construction papers on hand and for small packages these work wonderful.  The paper is thick and the patterns to choose from are far greater than any choices you have in traditional wrapping papers.  The hunting construction paper, pictured above, worked perfectly for the man’s gift I needed to wrap.  Instead of using a bow, I tied it off with some raffia to complete the rustic look.  It was simple, cost effective, and perfect for a manly gift.

Another great and simple idea for a rustic wrapping is to wrap the package in burlap.  I used a burlap garland with a large weave.  This works best with a plain colored box since the burlap isn’t solid and the box pattern could show through.  I wrapped one piece around the width a couple of times and then another piece around the box the opposite way, tying the ends at the top.  Then, I just stuck a floral pick through the burlap and the package was ready to go.

burlap garland gift wrap

The third example, I have demonstrated, is to reuse a can of soup!  If the can has a sharp edge on it you will need to first file that down with a metal file.  The cans with pull off lids work good for this.  Paint the can with acrylic paint.  I like to use a couple of layers of colors to get an older rustic look.  You can also use a product called weathered wood to get a crackled weathered look.  Just apply that in between your two layers of colors.  Add some raffia around the top of the can.  Add your gift tied off in some fun fabric and place in the can.  I used some fabric with a fishing pattern and then added a fishing lure to the string that I tied the fabric off with.  This would be a fun way to deliver a gift to your favorite fisherman, maybe filled with fishing accessories or flies.

Now I would like to know about all of your great ideas for rustic gift wrapping.  Leave your comments below to share with readers.  We would love to hear from you.

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