Ten DIY Cabinet Knobs That Add Pizzazz To Dull Cabinets

Are you tired of your kitchen or bath cabinets?  Or maybe you have a chest of drawers that just doesn’t quite wow you.  Instead of a full makeover, maybe all you need to do is switch out your dresser or cabinet knobs.

This change of hardware is often enough to give an instant face-lift and energizing affect to your tired looking cabinetry.  Of course it could also be done in conjunction with a full makeover if needed.

I rounded up some of the most creative diy cabinet knobs that I could find to bring you this list of ideas.  All of them are sure to bring an exciting change to any standard knobs that you may have.

DIY Cabinet Knobs:

1.  Heart Rock Drawer Pulls

heart shaped rock drawer pull
Heart rock drawer pull by My Rustic House

The last time that I was in Florida, I collected several heart shaped rocks exactly for an idea like this one.  I am still waiting for the right piece of furniture to use them on in our cabin but have a dresser makeover coming up soon!

2.  Faucet Handle Knobs

faucet handle knobs
Faucet handle knobs by Wit And Whistle

These old faucet handles were spray painted and then used for a cool new look to update some bathroom cabinets.  Not only do I love the fun shape but the color choices are fun as well.

3.  Vintage Inspired Knobs

diy cabinet knobs

I gave an old dresser with plain wooden knobs a very easy upgrade using the existing knobs.  For starters, I added a small rectangular wooden piece that I stained, glued to the area in back of where the knob would go, and drilled a hole for the knob bolt.  I also stained the knobs a darker color than the painted dresser and added a glass bubble to the front with some vintage paper adhered to the back.  You can see the entire project at the link above or by clicking on the photo.

4.  Twine Wrapped Knobs

twine wrapped knobs
Twine wrapped knobs by Pennington Point

Another way to repurpose some old knobs is to simply wrap them in twine.

5.  Vintage Lock Drawer Pull

vintage lock drawer pull
Vintage lock drawer pull by BHG

Here is a fun rustic look that would be great for just the right piece of furniture.

6.  Vintage Ruler Drawer Pulls

vintage ruler drawer pulls
Vintage ruler drawer pulls by BHG

Another excellent idea coming from BHG is to use vintage rulers as drawer pulls.  The look definitely enhances the overall feel of the vintage dresser.   I would love these in a rustic kitchen as well.

7.  Vintage Spoon Cabinet Pulls

vintage spoon cabinet pulls
Vintage spoon cabinet pulls by Hutch Studio

I am always seeing vintage silverware odds and ends at antique stores or flea markets.  It would be fun to pick up some pieces just for a project like this.

8. Knob Makeover With Vinyl

knob makeover with vinyl
Knob makeover with vinyl by The Scrap Shoppe Blog

These plain white knobs were given quite a makeover using vinyl.  See exactly how this was done by clicking on the link or photo.

9.  Clay Label Knobs

clay knobs
Clay label knobs by Liz Marie Blog

You can make your own knobs from clay and stamp labels on them for handy organization.  All you need are knob bases to attach the knobs to.

10.  Vintage Button Knob

diy cabinet knob

I gave this knob a little makeover by attaching a vintage button to the top.

I hope you have been inspired!

DIY Knobs That Are Full Of Style For Cabinets & Furniture

A great way to update tired cabinets or an old dresser is to replace the existing knobs.  There is no better way to add a ton of unique style than to replace the knobs with your very own creative version.  You can make knobs yourself out of just about anything to create a fun look that no one else will have.  Or, you can knock off  your favorite expensive style and re-create it with your own unique twist.

A while back, I wrote a post on a rustic dresser makeover.  As part of that makeover, I also made over the old wooden knobs.  I simply added a flat glass marble over the top of each wooden knob with a circle of decorative paper in between.  You can see exactly how I did this by clicking on the dresser makeover link.

I recently made over a knob that I plan on using in an upcoming project:

For this one, I simply glued a vintage button to the top of a white wooden knob for a more shabby chic look.

There are so many other great ideas that you can do for knobs and here is a sampling of some of my favorites that I found:

I absolutely love these Anthropologie inspired knobs made by Beckie at  Infarrantly Creative.  Check out her blog to see what the original style looked like and how she got it looking so close for just a fraction of the price!

A similar process was done by Kristine at The Painted Hive.  She shows examples of several fun images…you are only limited by your imagination!

Yanet from 3 Sunkissed Boys has a super great idea for an industrial shabby cabinet style.  She uses fuses for her cabinet knobs!  I love the different colors and texture.

I just had to share this idea from Southern Living.  Here’s another creative use for wine corks and a fun way to dress up those cabinets as well!

I have thought of doing this idea myself because I just love the rustic look.  Lilliedale shows how you can make your own knobs using river rock.  This would be fun to do on some rustic furniture, like a dresser, as well.

Wit and Whistle came up with a unique idea for knobs by using faucet handles.    I have used faucet handles for shelf hooks myself and love the funky look.

Have you or will you make your own custom knobs?  What ideas will you try?

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