Rustic Chic Wood Crafts

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Decorating your home can be all the more fun if you can create some of the decor yourself.   After all, there is a certain amount of pride that you get when you can say “I made that!”  And, if you notice that you are getting strange looks at your wonderful work of art, you can always say “See what my sister made for me!”

Wood crafts make some of the best home accents because of the versatility and overall appeal.  I went looking for some craft projects that I felt were best suited for a rustic chic design style.  All of these ideas should give you enough inspiration to create something that you will be proud to say that you made.

I love this chic 2×4 photo sign idea by How Does She.  This one was done for Father’s Day but you could make one of these for any theme or occasion.

I am loving these wood magnets from Aesthetic Outburst.  I used to have alphabet magnets on my refrigerator when my kids were small and would have loved to have something like these instead of the usual bright plastic set.

A most classic wood craft has to be wood blocks.  These photo/letter wood blocks by A Yummy Mommy are a great project to make for a shelf or mantel.

For a unique decor idea, just attach some wooden discs onto the wall like this wall sculpture done by Craftzine.

This super cool sign by Crafts By Amanda is packed full of creative rustic chicness!  I also love the fun silverware accents.

And finally, the last featured project is just so cute!  Who wouldn’t want to wrap up their twine in a homemade wooden spool like this? Carolyns Homework came up with this nifty idea.

Do you have a favorite wood craft?  Which one of these might be one that you would try?  Leave me your comments and suggestions below.  I love to hear from you.

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Thank you for the shout out on my eat sign! Love all your other picks too, a great round up 🙂

    1. You’re welcome Amanda! The sign is great!

  2. Really like the eat sign! I have a friend who owns a diner. She has a silverware starburst clock. This would make a great additon.

    Also like the spools. I’ve got several balls of twine that are boring and could use this pick me up.

    1. That would be a fun addition! I just love those spools too and plan on making some myself!

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