Five Unique Storage Ideas For Craft Supplies

Are your craft supplies getting all tossed together for lack of good organization? There are ways to fix this problem fast with some unique storage ideas that may not cost a penny. It all depends on what you might already have in your house.

 I seem to continually collect more varieties of craft supplies than what I have designated storage space for. Cleaning and reorganizing my craft room has been an on-going process that has forced me to get creative with my storage ideas so that I don’t break the bank buying new storage containers every other day!

Some of the things that I have come up with have been extremely useful so I thought I would share the ideas with you. In fact, what I did didn’t cost me anything because I used what I already had in the house. Most of the items are not sold for the intended purpose of storage and are less expensive than purchasing “craft” storage units. You might also have some of these items around the house. If not, think about what you do have that would work for keeping things organized.

Unique Storage Ideas To Try

Here are five of the ideas that you may want to try.

unique storage ideas

Glass Tealight Holders

These little containers are perfect for tiny craft supplies like beads and beading supplies. I actually bought several of these from Ebay a while back to use in my birch log candles. However, when I received the glass, it was not a good enough quality to use in any of my product. The glass was cloudy and had a funky texture. Since, I did get a good deal on them (thankfully), I held on to them versus the hassle of returning. Luckily, they now get to be used for storage and they are ideal. You can purchase tealight holders almost anywhere fairly inexpensively……check Ebay for great prices and hopefully better quality than mine.

mini bucket storage idea

Mini Buckets

You can buy mini buckets, by the dozen, from Oriental Trading for very little money. I originally bought these to use as bases for little centerpieces at my daughter’s graduation open house. When the open house was over, I saved the buckets to use for something else. Storage buckets seemed like a good idea. So, now I use them for small craft supplies and they work like a charm. I have some small hooks on one wall where I hang a few of the buckets by the handles within easy reach of my work surface.

storage idea with flower pots

Flower Pot Storage

If you don’t have any extra flower pots hanging around, they are pretty inexpensive to pick up as well. Terracotta pots are especially cheap. I happen to have quite a few that I have saved from Spring plantings. Depending on the size, these make great storage containers for a variety of craft supplies.

mason jar storage

Mason Jar Storage Idea

I love to collect vintage mason jars to use for storage. I found most of mine from our local Salvation Army store. Unfortunately, I think I lost a bag of about three of the blue jars. They were in a bag that kind of looked like trash which I had it sitting in the garage (I think). Obviously, this was not a good idea and they disappeared. My only hope is that I put them “somewhere safe” in an absent minded moment (happens rather frequently…) and I will come across them hidden in a closet someday.

homemade popsicle stick basket

Regular And Homemade Baskets

I tend to accumulate a lot of little baskets. Because they are a popular gift container, they can add up quickly. On top of that, I have collected a wonderful assortment of baskets that have been made by the kids over the years. Not only do the homemade baskets serve a great purpose for storage but they also brighten up the craft room with fond memories.

Do you have some unique storage ideas? I would love to hear what they are!

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  1. All great ideas — especially like the tea light holders! We certainly do let our ‘supplies’ get out of hand from time to time, don’t we?!

    1. Aaah yes!! I was just re-organizing my supplies and found some things that I completely forgot that I had! Now I have everything organized and in eyesight again…aaah

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