Christmas DIY Decor Ideas

Tis the season for crafting and baking and gifting and making!  With all of this Christmas DIY, there is a huge amount of creativity to be shared. I have collected some of the best craft and DIY projects for the Christmas season. Whether you want to decorate your home, Christmas tree or gift packaging, there is a project for you.

Decorating for Christmas is definitely fun and makes your home festive and cheerful. However, it can get pretty expensive, especially if you want to decorate every room in the house. On top of that, when the Christmas decor is up for only about a month out of the year, you don’t want to be spending a fortune. That is why I like DIY projects so much. Most of the time you can make your Christmas decorations for just a fraction of the cost of buying new. And, just because the Christmas decor is handmade does not mean that it isn’t of quality or style. In fact, it’s just the opposite.  Most Christmas DIY has a quality and nostalgic value that you just cannot buy in stores.

I surfed around and found some great Christmas crafts and DIY projects that have a ton of style. The best part is that all of these projects are affordable to make. When you use natural elements or recycled items, you obviously save a lot of money. Here are a few of my favorite Christmas DIY projects that I found.

DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas

Find Christmas decor projects for centerpieces, candle holders, Christmas ornaments, mini trees, garland and more.

Table Top Christmas Tree Projects

A popular Christmas decoration ideas is to make your own tabletop Christmas trees. They are great for decorating a mantel or small table and can be made from a variety of items. Also, if you just don’t have room for a regular Christmas tree, these tabletop versions will definitely suffice.

Make Your Own Mini Tree With Fresh Pine Clippings

diy tabletop christmas tree with fresh pine clippings

TUTORIAL: Craftberry Bush

Even if you can’t have a real Christmas tree, you can still get that smell of fresh pine in your house. By making your own mini tree out of fresh pine clippings, you get both the scent and the beauty. And since pine clippings are free and you get put them into any container that you have, the only cost is for the wet foam cone. I have also simply placed a small pine tree cutting in a rusty metal bucket, without foam, to get the scent into my house. To keep the tree sitting straight, I did fill the bucket with some of my homemade indoor snowballs.

diy christmas tree

My tree cutting was a little large for a tabletop but it was perfect on the floor. Because it was still small, it didn’t hardly take up any floor space.

DIY Burlap And Twine Christmas Trees

Christmas DIY burlap and twine tabletop Christmas trees

TUTORIAL: Uncommon Designs

I love how easy these burlap and twine trees are to make and how warm and chic they look adorning a shelf or mantel. The pinecone tree is easy to make as well using a styrofoam cone as a base. Luckily, the cost of styrofoam  is really cheap and is an excellent base for a lot of DIY Christmas trees.

DIY Driftwood Christmas Tree

diy driftwood christmas tree

SOURCE: Thread Bare Cloak

This project requires a drill but the result is worth the effort. If you can collect enough pieces of driftwood, you can create a beautiful rustic tree. However, another option is to build this tree using branches. It would be the same concept accept that branches are probably easier to find than driftwood.

Make A Book Page Tree

diy book page tree

TUTORIAL: Creative Tryals

Book page trees are delicately vintage and easy to make. Because these trees are setting on glass candlesticks, they look all the more chic. For a more rustic look, place the paper trees on wooden candlesticks or small logs. And, another way to make book page trees is to stack squares of pages over a small garden stake.

DIY Christmas Ornaments

Homemade Christmas ornaments will give your tree a warm and nostalgic feel. Whether you decorate your tree with all handmade ornaments or just accent with a few, the nostalgia will warm up the tree. Here are just a few examples to get you started crafting.

Make A Warm Yarn Covered Star Ornament

diy yarn covered star christmas ornament

TUTORIAL: Live Laugh Rowe

Because a yarn with brown flecks was used for this ornament, it takes on the feel of old and aged. This gives the soft yarn a warm and rustic look. Another option is to use twine instead of yarn. Or, make a few of each ornament for a nice combination on the tree. These would also look great on a gift package instead of a bow. A yarn covered star on simple Kraft paper wrap would be quite striking.

Use A Light Bulb To Make A Snowman Ornament

diy light bulb snowman Christmas ornament

TUTORIAL: Ginger Snap Crafts

I can’t think of a better way to use up old light bulbs than to make a cute snowman ornament.

DIY Mini Rustic Chalkboard Ornaments

diy wood slice chalkboard christmas ornaments

TUTORIAL: The Sweetest Digs

Wood slices plus chalkboard paint equals personalized rustic Christmas ornaments! These are easy to make and so much cheaper than buying special keepsake ornaments. This is another ornament craft that would look great on a gift package.

Make Easy Snowflake Ornaments Using Clothespins

diy clothespin snowflake ornaments

TUTORIAL: By Stephanie Lynn

I love Christmas crafts that use common household items. Clothespins can be used in so many crafts and work perfectly to make rustic snowflakes.

Christmas DIY Homemade Garland Ideas

A strand of garland can be made from almost anything. Whatever can be strung together with twine or other string will work. Just think about the color, texture and style that you want for your tree and go from there. Here are a few ideas for inspiration.

DIY Lighted Burlap Garland

diy lighted burlap garland

TUTORIAL: Create Craft Love

A fantastic garland idea is to tie burlap strips around a string of lights. Not only do you get a pretty lighted garland, but the burlap also hides the cord between each light!

Make A Garland Out Of Straw And Pom Poms

diy straw and pom pom garland

TUTORIAL: Elsie Marley

Natural straws combined with soft cream pom poms is so rustic chic. This could even be a good garland to just add to your rustic decor even after Christmas. I love to use garlands over window treatments or on mantels any time of the year.

Christmas DIY Pinecone Garland With Wooden Beads

diy pine cone christmas garland

TUTORIAL: Two Shades Of Pink

You could just simply string some pinecones from twine for a nice rustic garland. However, when you add paint and wooden beads the look is so much prettier. It almost looks like pinecone flowers.

Candlestick and Candle Holder Ideas

Candles and Christmas go together like peanut butter and jelly. There is nothing like the glow of a candle to really warm things up. Here are some ideas for candle holders that you can make yourself.

DIY Peppermint Striped Candlesticks

diy peppermint striped candlesticks

TUTORIAL: Simply Kierste

Candy striped rustic wood is a perfect addition to your rustic Christmas decor. Another option to the wood blocks is to paint wood logs. Just follow the directions for making a log candle holder and then paint it.

Recycle Old Sweater Sleeves To Cover A Pillar Candle

diy sweater christmas candle holder

SOURCE:  Shelterness

A candle sweater sleeve is super easy to make when your recycle your own sweater sleeves. Either slip the sleeve section over a glass candle holder or a plain pillar candle. The warm glow is made even warmer with the cozy sweater.

Make Pretty Candle Luminaries With Mason Jars

diy mason jar candle luminaries

SOURCE: Nelly Vintage Home

Using mason jars for Christmas decor projects is very popular. These candle luminaries are pretty and elegant with their simple design. This idea could be changed up for different looks. Red berries, colored ribbon, or larger candles are all fun options.

Other Fun And Unique Christmas DIY To Try

When I was searching for inspiring Christmas DIY, I came across a few projects that were especially unique, easy and stylish.

Make A Fun And Colorful Light Bulb Wreath

christmas diy light bulb wreath

TUTORIAL: Country Living

If you can glue, then you can make this wreath! Using a 12 inch flat craft ring, glue the colored lights in a fun pattern.

Craft A Rustic Twig Christmas Wreath

Christmas diy twig wreath

SOURCE: Taryn Whiteacker

Another non traditional Christmas wreath is a rustic square twig wreath. The hanging red bulbs look striking framed by the white twigs.

Make A Christmas Tree Wreath With Mason Jar Lids

diy mason jar lid christmas tree wreath

TUTORIAL: Funky Junk Interiors

You won’t likely find a Christmas tree wreath like this in any stores. That is what makes a project like this so special! I love the rustic chic styling of this DIY Christmas wreath.

Create A Candelabra With Copper Piping

DIY copper candelabra

TUTORIAL: Pretty Handy Girl

Who would have thought that copper plumbers pipe would make such an elegant holiday table addition. Because of all the variations of copper pipe, you can create your own design for holding candles. The copper adds such a nice glow for the holiday season.

Create An Elegant Stick Tree With Painted Branches

diy christmas branch tree

SOURCE: The Lovely Drawer

It really doesn’t take a lot to create Christmas elegance. A simple branch painted white and put in a vase makes a perfect hanger for shiny ornaments. Sometimes the easiest ideas have the most impact!

Repurpose A Plastic Toy Reindeer Into Sparkly Christmas Decor

diy sparkly reindeer


This pretty reindeer under glass was actually made from a plastic toy! It’s amazing what can become decorative when you add a little sparkle. It gets me thinking of other objects that could be repurposed in this way.

Make An Advent Calendar In The Form Of A Clock

diy advent calendar clock

TUTORIAL: Thrifty And Chic

I’ve seen a lot of different advent calendar projects before but none in the form of a clock. This is such a fun and unique idea and makes a great focal point for a fireplace mantel.

christmas diy and craft projects

Hopefully all of this Christmas DIY has inspired you to start creating your own!

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