A Taxidermy Crow And A Halloween Mantel

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I thought I was done with my Halloween decorating but then my husband brought home a little surprise.  He is a hunter and a while back he had gotten a crow.  I actually knew that he was getting it mounted but had kind of forgotten about it.

Our intent is to bring it up to our cabin for a little fun decor.  We have an obscure place in mind for it.  However, as soon as I saw it, I knew I had to use it for a Halloween display.

The fireplace mantel in my husband’s study holds his collection of vintage cameras.  I figured I could take down a few of those and incorporate some Halloween decor into that mantel.  I didn’t want to go over the top Halloween, I just wanted to sprinkle some across the mantel.  The crow of course was going to have to be my center point!

Luckily, I had plenty of things around the house that I didn’t have to go out and buy or make more.  I had a fall wreath with colorful leaves but decided I wanted to go more subtle so I used a plain grapevine wreath that I had in my craft room just waiting to be embellished.

For my Thanksgiving table, I normally have several pumpkins layed out across the middle.  I grabbed those to use along with a Fall centerpiece.   I just wanted a little splash of the Fall colors in between all of the black and white of the cameras, fireplace and photos.

I moved my Edgar Allen Poe craft project from the hearth of my great room fireplace up to this mantel instead.  I think it is more fitting here!

So there is the full mantel!  My husband still gets the majority of his camera collection on display but gets a little holiday spirit as well.  Plus, he gets to see his prized crow on display.  He better enjoy that in the house while he can!

Happy Fall!