Industrial Farmhouse Decor

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Usually when I think of industrial decor, I am thinking about rusty gears and chains and other pieces from equipment or factories that are now popular to use in home decor.

But, there is another type of industrial decorating that is still rusty and old but is a little more homey or should I say right off the farm.

Some of these items would be the old milk bottle carriers, vintage grain scoops, or antique egg baskets.  I just picked up a great ten sectioned milk bottle carrier that is perfectly rusted and makes a great addition above my kitchen cabinets……..before I sell it that is!  I’m constantly changing out my decor as I find new things, sell them, and then need to fill an empty space.  But, I love to shop so it works out perfectly!

Here is where it sits for now:

bottle carrier

I love the large size of this one!  It would also be great to fill with milk bottles or other recycled bottles and use as vases for fresh flowers to make a gorgeous centerpiece.

Above another cabinet, I have a couple of unique looking vintage grain scoops.  I grouped them together with a graniteware pitcher for a fun arrangement.

grain scoops

Who would have thought that an old tool to scoop grain could look stylish in a kitchen?  I thought these would be fun to stencil something on and hang on the wall as well.  Almost anything can be repurposed!

Another fun item, straight from the barn, is an old pulley.  I love to use these as bookends:

industrial decor

I don’t have any egg baskets but I love the look of them in industrial farmhouse decor.  Here is a fun example of some lighting made up of vintage wire egg baskets.

egg basket lighting

Egg basket lighting by Antique Farmhouse

The wire baskets make perfect shades that make a unique style statement.

And….there is one other item from the farm I would like to mention….

For those of you who possess such a thing….

You may just want to get out your pitch fork and hang it on the wall! … little devil!   I would love to get ahold of one or more of these.  I  love the simplistic look that a wooden pitch fork has and it looks striking when hung against a white wall.

Here is a set of three by Simply Natural Decor that looks stunning as wall art.

pitch fork wall art

Pitch fork wall art by Simply Natural Decor

All of my own items, that I shared, plus many more industrial and vintage items can be found at my store, The Rustic Attic.  You can also find items at antique stores, flea markets, garage sales, Craig’s list, and……make sure to check your grandpa’s barn!

Happy Decorating!