Easy Thanksgiving Centerpieces To Make

If you have a large Thanksgiving table or several tables to decorate, you may want to create lots of centerpieces. These ideas for easy Thanksgiving centerpieces will make that job a little less stressful. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a beautiful table.

I received this question recently from a reader:

“Hi, I am in charge of our home schools Thanksgiving Feast Gathering. I am looking for inexpensive ideas for centerpieces for the large wooden tables. Year before last, I made the flower pots look like pilgrim hats and inserted donated mums. Last year,  I used donated mums and wrapped with pretty paper tied with raffia. This year, key word, still inexpensive, any ideas?”

This is a great question and one that many of us would like to know, especially when planning a special group event for a school, church or other organization. Luckily, there are many ideas for affordable and easy Thanksgiving centerpieces. My husband and I were in charge of centerpieces for a church men’s dinner once. Since we needed a lot of centerpieces, we made them completely from nature. We drilled holes in birch logs and filled them with cattails and long grass. That idea would also work well for Thanksgiving tables.

A Collection Of Easy Thanksgiving Centerpieces

Go Out And Collect Branches

easy Thanksgiving centerpieces with branches

SOURCE: Apartment Therapy

A vase full of natural branches with wild berries makes a fresh and simple display that still adds some color.  Since you can get the clippings for free, your only cost would be in your vase container.   Think about mason jars, which you can buy in bulk, to use as your vase.  You could also wrap the neck of the jars with some twine to add some texture to your design.

Dress Up Corn Husks

easy thanksgiving centerpiece using corn husks

SOURCE: The Inspired Room

Dried corn husks in a pretty vase or a glass container that has been painted with a shimmer of silver or gold metallic paint makes a simple and pretty display.  You could save any of your food jars, like spaghetti sauce or beans, and spruce them up with paint.

Added Height For Pumpkins And Gourds

pumpkins and gourds on fence post sections


If you happen to have access to some shabby post sections, this would be an easy and decorative idea.  Just place pumpkins or gourds on top of these chic pillars for super quick decorating.

Make A Thankful Tree

Thanksgiving thankful tree centerpiece

SOURCE: Midwest Living

This “thankful” tree could be a great and inexpensive centerpiece for your group event.  Painting half of the branch white makes a stunning statement in the glass vase filled with nuts.  You could also collect some acorns for a filler.  Plan a group activity of writing what each person is most thankful for and place these leaves of gratitude onto the branches of the “tree”.

Use A Variety Of Clippings

easy Thanksgiving centerpieces

SOURCE: Midwest Living

Look no further than the colorful blooms around you in nature.  A variety of clippings in small glass bowls will make stunning and inexpensive centerpieces for several tables.  You can usually purchase these glass bowls cheaply from a craft store like Joann or Michaels.

Gather Colorful Leaves

colorful leaf candle holders

SOURCE: Martha Stewart

Start gathering leaves from outside to turn a plain glass candle holder into one that is colorful and festive.  These will light up your Thanksgiving tables with very little cost.

Bundle Some Wheat

bundled wheat Thanksgiving centerpiece

SOURCE: Martha Stewart

Simply tie a bundle of wheat together with a pretty satin ribbon, in a Fall color, to create a festive focal point for your table.

I hope you have been inspired!  For more inspiration, check out these rustic style Thanksgiving centerpieces. What ideas do you have for creating easy Thanksgiving centerpieces on a budget?  Have you planned a group event yourself where you were in charge of decorations?  Share your ideas here to help spread some inspiration!

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