Fun and Creative Thread Spool Crafts

If you are in to sewing, chances are you have a few spools of thread lying around.  And……once they are empty it seems like there should be something that could be done with those spools.  After all, they are pretty cool looking….especially the wooden ones!

Well luckily there are plenty of fun and creative things that can be done with thread spools!  I actually like to collect vintage wooden spools just for thread spool crafts.

My favorite thing to make are little shabby chic photo holders.

thread spool photo holder by

I have actually made these for my store as well to use as wedding table number holders.

Here are some other creative ideas that I have found:

Wooden Spool Wine Corks by A Beautiful Mess

wooden spool wine corks
Wooden spool wine corks

This craft actually uses homemade spools but you could instead use your own leftover thread spools or collected vintage spools.  How often do you have just a small amount of thread left on your spool that you just know won’t be enough to finish a project?

Vintage Spool Hooks by Makezine

vintage spool hooks
Vintage spool hooks by Makezine

Thread spools make great looking pegs for a hanging rack.  I used one in my hallway to hang this vintage receipt holder that I use for photos:

thread spool picture hanger by

Thread Spool Nest by Just Something I Made

thread spool nest
Thread spool nest by Just Something I Made

This little thread spool nest is so adorable and makes a perfect rustic decor accent for pretty much anywhere.

Spool Napkin Ring Place card by Lauren Elise Crafted

spool placecard napkin ring
Spool napkin ring place card by Lauren Elise Crafted

I like how this thread spool doubles as a napkin ring and place card.

Rustic Fishing Pole by Made By Joel

rustic fishing pole
Rustic fishing pole by Made By Joel

And finally, for kids, I thought this fishing pole was a super cute idea!  The wooden thread spool makes a perfect reel.

What ideas do you have for thread spool crafts?  I would love to hear your ideas!

Happy Crafting!

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10 Creative Wine Cork Crafts

Wine corks are a recyclable item that can be used in so many ways in a variety of different craft projects.  They are easy to collect, quickly, if you are a wine drinker.  And, if you are not, you can always have friends and family members save them for you.

The following wine cork crafts will have you emptying bottles … just to use the corks…in no time!  All of them use wine corks in  functional ways that are uniquely stylish.

Ten Wine Cork Crafts:

1.  Wine Cork Baseboard by This Old House

wine cork baseboard
wine cork baseboard by This Old House

Here is a super unique idea for trimming out the walls in your house.  You might need to gather up the wine corks of all your family and friends for a project like this!

2.  Champagne Cork Knobs by Dollar Store Crafts

champagne cork knobs
Champagne cork knobs by Dollar Store Crafts

3.  Wine Cork Keychain

wine cork keychain

Wine cork key chains are easy to make and can be embellished with a variety of beads and charms.  They are also nice to use for boat keys as the corks will float if accidentally dropped in the water.

4.  Wine Cork Bath Mat by The Crafty Nest

wine cork bath mat
Wine cork bath mat by The Crafty Nest

Wine corks make the perfect surface for a bath mat!

5.  Wine Cork Wine Glass Charms by Family Chic

wine cork wine glass charms
Wine cork wine glass charms by Family Chic

I like the idea of using wine corks for another purpose having to do with drinking wine!  These cork slices make adorable wine glass charms.

6.  Wine Cork Coasters by Heart Made Blog

wine cork coasters
Wine cork coasters by Heart Made Blog

Coasters are another great use for wine corks and these round shaped coasters are especially creative and eye appealing.

7.  Wine Cork Birdhouse by Suzzy Cue

wine cork birdhouse
Wine cork birdhouse by Suzzy Cue

This could be my favorite wine cork craft ever.  I just love birds and birdhouses!  It almost looks like a little log cabin for birds.

8.  Wine Cork Napkin Rings by New England Fine Living

wine cork napkin ring
Wine cork napkin ring by New England Fine Living

Here is a super easy and elegant napkin ring idea for a dinner party.

9.  Wine Cork Monogram by Craft Cuts

wine cork monogram
Wine cork monogram by Craft Cuts

Monograms are a popular craft project to do with wine corks.  This step by step tutorial is easy to follow and understand.

10.  Wine Cork Bulletin Board by Restoration Redoux

wine cork bulletin board
Wine cork bulletin board by Restoration Redoux

Wine corks placed in picture frames or old windows make awesome bulletin boards.  This one has a unique look with some of the corks being painted.

Have you seen enough to start wanting to save your wine corks?

Happy Crafting!

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Eco Friendly Gift Packaging Ideas

If you are looking for an alternative to store bought wrapping paper for birthday and other gift items, I have some solutions that are both creative and eco friendly.

I like to recycle whenever I can because it not only eliminates some waste but it also is a great cost savings.  However, just because I am using items that may otherwise end up in the trash does not mean that I  will be skimping on style.  In fact, many times the style can be all the more chic or rustic depending on the materials used.

Below are some great examples of eco friendly gift packaging ideas that use recycled fabric, paper or other items in stylish and creative ways.

1.  Felt gift bag with vintage button embellishment

felt gift bag by

I just made this felt gift bag with some scrap pieces of felt that I had on hand.  Recycling old buttons, for interesting embellishments, is also a great cost savings that doesn’t skimp on style.

2.  Brown gift bags embellished with packing paper flowers by Teddy Started It

paper gift bags
Paper flower gift bags by Teddy Started It

You can buy these brown paper bags in bulk pretty inexpensively but embellishing them is the key.  These bags were made eye catching with the pretty eco friendly flowers made from ordinary packing paper.

3.  Muslin Gift Bag and Clothespin

muslin gift bag
Muslin gift bag with clothespin clasp

I found this idea on Pinterest and just had to share it.  It looks super easy – the bag wasn’t even turned right side out after stitching!  It almost looks like a long piece was folded in half, stiched on the sides and then the top was cut with pinking shears so that it would not ravel.  I love the rustic look, especially with the clothespin clasp!  A cute embellishment tag was added by simply stamping another small square of muslin and tying it into place with a small section of twine.

4.  Newspaper Wrap by Country Living

newspaper gift wrap
Newspaper gift wrap by Country Living

Nothing is more recyclable than newspaper and the way this is presented, with the flower focal point, it looks like high end packaging!

5.  Fabric Wrap by Apartment Therapy

fabric gift wrap
Fabric gift wrap by Apartment Therapy

I like the idea of using fabric scraps for wrapping.  With all the unique patterns, you can really have some interesting design options to present.  If you only have plain fabrics, you can always paint or stamp a pattern onto the fabric like what was done here.

Make sure to check out my post on Gift Wrapping With Lunch Bags And Kraft Paper for more eco friendly ideas.

Happy Crafting!

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Ten Valentine Button Crafts

Buttons are an excellent  accessory to work with in craft projects.  Since they come in so many sizes and colors, the design options are great.  If you collect buttons, you may want to round up your red, pink and white ones for this collection of Valentine button crafts.

Here is the list of my ten favorite button crafts:

1.  Button Heart On Canvas –

button heart on canvas

To make this, you would need a canvas board, paint, some felt, and some red buttons.

  1. First, paint the whole canvas white.  When the paint is dry, tape off where you want the black stripes and paint on the black.  Once dry, peel off the tape.
  2. Next, cut the felt into a heart shape with a stencil.  Glue the buttons to the heart and glue the heart to the canvas.
  3. Free hand or stencil paint a message on the bottom with red paint.

2.  Love Button Frame by Sometimes I Craft Myself

love button frame
Love button frame by Sometimes I Craft Myself

I really like how one big button is used for the letter “o” in this frame.

3.  Vintage Button Heart Frame by Muslin And Merlot

vintage button heart frame
Vintage button heart frame by Muslin and Merlot

You don’t always have to use red and pinks for Valentine’s day.  This vintage button frame is a great shabby chic look for the holiday.

4.  Button Heart Valentine’s Day Vase via The Girl Creative

button heart valentines day vase
Button heart valentine's day vase via The Girl Creative

Transform any glass vase by gluing buttons on it in the shape of a festive heart.  You can also add some faux pearls and ribbon, like this one, for added glamour.

5.  Primitive Button Heart by Rock River Stitches

primitive button heart
Primitive button heart by Rock River Stitches

I am loving this rustic primitive button heart idea!

6.  Buttons In A Heart Shaped Dish – source

buttons in a heart shaped dish

A simple idea is to just place buttons in a heart shaped dish.  I like the neutral shade buttons for this.

7.  Vintage Button And Book Art by Good Housekeeping

vintage button and book art
Vintage button and book art by Good Housekeeping

8.  Wire Button Heart by Becado

wire button heart
Wire button heart by Becado

This is a simple and chic craft idea using just white buttons and wire.

9.  Burlap and Button Frame – source

burlap and button frame

All you need to do for this vintage chic craft is take out the glass on a vintage inspired frame and line the backer board with burlap.  Then, just sew or glue on your vintage mother of pearl buttons!

10.  Trio Of Hearts Canvas by Shabby Nest

trio of hearts canvas
Trio of Hearts Canvas by Shabby Nest

This trio of hearts shows off three different shades of buttons!  I like it really for any day of the year.

I hope you have been inspired!

Happy Crafting!

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Make A Journal For Organizing And Goal Keeping

With the start of the new year, it is a great time to start new goals and organize your time, budget and plans.  I like to write everything out in a journal but find that even that can require a bit of discipline.

To help make the process a little more fun, I think it’s nice to have a journal to go to that is fun and inspiring.  It helps to jump start the brain when you need a little extra push.

So, creating a journal that is meaningful to you is not only a fun project but one that will keep giving back to you throughout the year.

I made this journal, using a variety of mixed media, and have it setting out in my office for easy access when an idea hits me.  I think if I had left the journal plain, it would have ended up in a drawer and my thoughts and goals would have been quickly forgotten.

mixed media journal by

You can see how I made this at my post, Transforming A Journal With Mixed Media Art.

Here are some more ideas, that you could use, to make a journal that you would want to set out and use:

Sew A Small Journal by Craft Snob

make a small journal
Make a small journal by Craft Snob

Used Grocery Bag Journal by Judy Wise

used grocery bag journal
Used grocery bag journal by Judy Wise

What a great way to recycle grocery bags!  Not only do they look fantastic in a journal form but this makes the project extremely budget friendly too.

Suede Journal Covers by Lil Blue Boo

suede journal covers
Suede journal covers by Lil Blue Boo

Making A Journal From Greeting Cards by Jenni Bellie Studio

greeting card journal
Greeting card journal by Jenni Bellie Studio

This is such a great use for greeting cards!  I know that I have a hard time throwing cards out when they are decorated so pretty.

I hope you have been inspired!

Happy Crafting!

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