25 Rustic Crafts For Home Decor

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I love a good rustic craft project, especially if I can use it in my home or cabin for a decorative accent.  Over the last couple of years, I have done quite a few rustic crafts and thought that I would highlight some of my favorite ones all in one post.

Along with my own projects, I have also found several others that I wanted to include here for a big round up of ideas for diy rustic decor.  I think you will find all of these ideas to be unique, creative and full of style for your home.

So, here is my list of twenty five rustic crafts:

1.  Rustic Candle Holder Craft

rustic candle holder craft

I used a combination of natural elements, salvaged metal and a vintage mason jar to make up this funky little candle holder.  I used dried beans to act as a filler for the jar.  Oh, and to add a little chic, I tossed in a glitzy little garland and a whimsical ribbon.

2.  Rustic Wood Clock Craft by Design Sponge

rustic wood clock craft

Rustic Wood Clock Craft by Design Sponge

I love the simplistic styling of this rustic wall clock.  The red hands add a nice pop of color.

3.  Rustic Grainsack Vase Craft

rustic grainsack vase craft by

Burlap or grainsacks are a nice rustic element and it was easy for me to just cover a plain glass vase with a section from a grainsack.  Then, adding birch twigs and white carnations makes the perfect centerpiece.

4. Rustic Wood Slice Wreath by East Coast Creative Blog

rustic wood slice wreath

Rustic wood slice wreath by East Coast Creative Blog

Here is a fun rustic and non traditional wreath idea using a wood log slice.

5.  Rustic Branch Candle Holder Craft

rustic branch candle holder craft by

I embellished a plain glass candle holder with small birch twigs to give it a rustic touch.

6.  Branch Towel Bar by Pretty Handy Girl

branch towel bar

Branch towel bar by Pretty Handy Girl

I love the idea of incorporating branches into handy bathroom accessories like this sleek towel bar.

7. Birch Bark Wine Bottle Vase

birch bark wine bottle vase by

A great way to recycled wine bottles and get some rustic decor is to cover the wine bottle in birch bark!

8.  Antler Craft by Lil Fish Studios

antler craft

Antler craft by Lil Fish Studios

This is a cute idea for incorporating an antler into your decor.  Use it to hang a sack for a plant!

9.  DIY Birch Sconce

diy birch sconce by

My favorite rustic craft is making birch sconces or lamps.  It is easy to do and they add such a rustic touch.  We have them all over our house and cabin!

10.  DIY Rustic Cake Stands by Simply Natural Events

diy rustic cake stands

DIY rustic cake stands by Simply Natural Events

For entertaining, these rustic cake stands are fantastic!

11.  Rustic “Cheers” Sign Craft

rustic sign craft by

It is quick and easy to make a rustic sign from branches.

12. Pebble Sphere Craft by Styro-foam Crafts

pebble sphere craft

Pebble sphere craft by Styro-foam Crafts

13.  Rustic Magnet Board Craft

rustic magnet board craft by

14.  Framed Branches by Cleverly Inspired

framed branches

Framed branches by Cleverly Inspired

15.  Birch Branch Garland

birch branch garland by

Branch garland is made by stringing small sections of branches together on either twine, strong elastic string, or dental floss.  I use them on fireplace mantels, Christmas trees or over picture frames.

16.  Rustic Candle Holder Craft

rustic candle holders by

17.  Birch Birdhouse Craft

birch birdhouse by

18.  Pine Coasters Craft

pine coasters craft by

19. Twig Photo Display by The Bird’s Papaya

twig photo display

Twig photo display by The Bird's Papaya

This is such a fun and unique idea for hanging photos!

20.  Rustic Style Storage Tins

rustic storage tin craft by

21.  Rustic Photo Holder Craft

rustic photo holder by

22.  Driftwood Art Craft

driftwood art craft by

23.  Rustic Owl Craft by The Enchanted Tree

rustic owl craft

Rustic owl craft by The Enchanted Tree

24.   Twig Push Pins Craft by Design Sponge

twig push pins craft

Twig push pins craft by Design Sponge

25. Birch Branch Picture Frame

birch branch picture frame

I hope you have been inspired!  If you are looking for more rustic craft ideas, you can check out and follow my Pinterest board at Rustic Crafts Board.

Also, check out theses DIY Bathroom Accessories For Your Rustic Bathroom.

Happy Crafting!

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