Must Have Rustic Craft Supplies

A well stocked craft room is so nice to have when you get the urge to start creating. Sometimes I figure out what to make based on what supplies I have on hand. With rustic crafts, there are so many project ideas that use some of the same rustic supplies. Because of this, I thought I would come up with a collection of rustic craft supplies that are always good to have on hand.

rustic craft supplies

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This collection of rustic crafts supplies contain some of my favorites for a variety of projects. I will show you examples of some of the crafts that you can make with the different materials. You can also easily purchase any of the supplies listed, from the links that I have provided, and have them shipped directly to your door.

Rustic Chicken Wire For Crafts

It may seem like an unexpected craft supply, however chicken wire is used in many rustic crafts. For instance, you can replace the glass in an old window with chicken wire for a decorative memo board. Or, if you are into farmhouse decorating, you may want to make a basket from chicken wire.

diy chicken wire basket
TUTORIAL: DIY Chicken Wire Basket
rustic chicken wire for crafts

Large Rustic Wood Slices

Although you can slice your own wood with the right equipment, it can be easier to purchase a few to have on hand. Large rustic wood slices are great to use for signs or as a base to a centerpiece. Smaller wood slices make great magnets, thumbtacks, or game pieces.

wood slice sign
SOURCE: What To Do With Wood Slices
rustic craft supply - wood slices

No Fray Burlap Roll

There are so many burlap craft ideas to choose from. You’ll definitely want to check out my post dedicated to just burlap crafts. One of my favorite ways to use burlap is to make a burlap rag wreath. You can use either plain burlap or patterned.

burlap rag wreath
TUTORIAL: How To Make A Burlap Rag Wreath
rustic craft supply - no fray burlap roll

Natural Jute Twine

You might be surprised at how many craft projects with twine there are. Twine is good for wrapping around all sorts of things like lamps, bottles, cans, and more. I like to wrap twine around Styrofoam balls to use as either ornaments or vase fillers.

DIY twine vase filler balls
rustic craft supply - natural jute twine

Miniature Bird Nests

As a lover of all things birds, miniature bird nests are another of my go to supplies. They can be used for vase fillers as well as a prop for any rustic decor project. For instance, my driftwood bird display was made complete with a little nest at the end.

driftwood art
TUTORIAL: Driftwood Art Project
rustic craft supply - miniature bird nests

Birch Bark

You had to know that birch bark would be included in the must have rustic craft supplies! Use birch bark to cover cans, picture frames, or tissue paper holders. I even have used birch bark to cover a pumpkin for a fun rustic look.

birch pumpkin
TUTORIAL: DIY Rustic Birch Pumpkin Craft
birch bark

Natural Vine Wrapped Wire

A rustic wire is a must for craft projects. You can use it to embellish anything to give it a more rustic look. In fact, I used in the project above to outline the birch pumpkin. My favorite way to use the wire is to twist it through holes in a lampshade for easy rustic decor.

diy birch lampshade
TUTORIAL: How To Decorate A Lampshade Creatively
rustic craft supply - vine wrapped wire
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