DIY Magnet Board Ideas

How many times do you write little notes to yourself or someone else in the family but need a spot where they will be noticed? I feel like I am always jotting things down as reminders but don’t just want to lay them down on a counter or table. Since I’m also not a huge fan of using the refrigerator as a big magnet board, I found some creative alternatives that will do the job but still look decorative. And, you can easily make any of these DIY magnet boards yourself.

25 Easy Twig Crafts You Must Try

Besides collecting twigs for a fire pit fire, there is another great reason to start a twig collection. Twigs are basically a staple for so many rustic craft projects. I especially like to use birch twigs in most of my twig crafts. They are flexible, have nice coloring, and can be found in a variety of diameters. Over the years, I have done quite a variety of projects using twigs to decorate my home with. They are easy to work with and give just the right rustic touch. Here are 25 twig crafts that I hope you will enjoy.

What To Do With Clothespins

How many of you have a stash of wooden clothespins laying around your house? Chances are that you don’t need your full supply for the occasional hanging of laundry. So what to do with all of those extra clothespins? Whether regular size, mine or extra large, I’ll show you a variety of clothespin crafts that will transform them into usable and decorative home accessories.

Trash To Treasure Craft Ideas

You know what they say – one man’s trash is another one’s treasure! Boy is that true! Although I haven’t actually gone digging through trash cans, I have found a lot of seemingly useless junk in other ways. In fact, I’ll show you some of the treasures I found at flea markets that others may look at as simply trash. These trash to treasure craft ideas will have you thinking twice before throwing anything out.

DIY Thumbtacks With Branches

The other day I was looking at my bulletin board and realized that it could use a little more style. For one, the thumbtacks, on my board, were just standard and plain. It’s funny how even the smallest of details can make a difference with what inspires you. Since your everyday standard thumbtacks don’t really add much style, I thought I could probably just make my own. Using those plain thumbtacks as a base, it’s easy to give them a fun upgrade. My DIY thumbtacks are very rustic chic. By using branches and clear shiny sequins, I was able to create a style that I like and dresses up my bulletin board.

Crafts That Are All Fun And Games

We do craft projects for a variety of different reasons.  Some need to be done for serious occasions like decorating for special events like anniversary parties, weddings or holidays. Other times we take special care for home decor crafting or important gift items. There are those moments, though, when it can be all fun and games……literally! Either making your own board or yard games or using old game pieces in a craft project is just plain fun.  I have come up with a collection of fun game crafts that either incorporate game pieces or they are a craft to make a game itself. Enjoy!

Five Fun Uses For Old Screens

Don’t throw out your old screens! This is especially true if you purchase an old home to renovate. Some of those older screens are just busting with charm. Believe it or not, this makes them perfect to decorate with or repurpose into another functional use for the home. Just like old windows, vintage screens have a lot to offer with a little TLC. If you are having trouble visualizing a use, don’t worry! Here are some of the top uses for old screens inside the home.