14 Best Fall Crafts To Decorate Your Home

When the color of the leaves change outside, it might be time to change up your colors inside. The colors of Fall are easiest to incorporate with decorative accents. However, you don’t have to go out and buy all new decor. Instead, try some Fall crafts that are geared toward warm home decor. I have come up with a collection of craft ideas that can easily transform your home for the Fall season.

13 Classy Fall Mason Jar Crafts To Display

Isn’t it funny how a simple mason jar can bring so much charm to your home decor? I’m sure our grandmas would be quite surprised by the jars used for anything but canning! With each new season or holiday, there seems to be a whole new flood of ideas for using mason jars for home decor. Today, I am focusing on Fall mason jar crafts. Whether for the whole season, Halloween, or Thanksgiving, there are plenty of ways to dress up the jars. Each way is just perfect for the occasion.

14 Candy Corn Crafts To Decorate Your Home

Halloween just wouldn’t be Halloween without a few jars of candy corn available for consumption. Even though the tasty sweet has lost some of its appeal over the years, I couldn’t get enough of it as a kid. Still, just the idea of candy corn puts a festive tone on the holiday and a smile on my face. Today, I would rather look at candy corn decor rather than actually taste it. The striped yellow, orange, and white will always bring to mind fond childhood memories and is a must for Halloween decorating. Here are some easy DIY candy corn crafts for making festive home decor.

Rustic DIY Fall Porch Sign With An Eclectic Twist

Have you ever been in the mood to create something but didn’t know exactly what you want to make? This happens to me quite a bit. When it happens it means I need to take a little walk through our garage or pole barn. Since so many of my projects are all about reusing what I have, sometimes all it takes to get inspired is to look at all of our old junk/treasures. This is exactly what I did before making this DIY Fall porch sign.

Ten Easy Halloween Crafts For Adults That Scream Spooky and Eerie

Decorate Your Home With Handmade Mummies, Witches Shoes, Ghosts and More

Decorating for Halloween can be as basic as setting out some festive pumpkins or you can put a real chill in the air with decor that is a bit more creepy. It’s fun to get into the spirit of things in a way that is a little bit frightening but in a fun way. If you are looking to make your own Halloween decor, you’ll want to check out these quick and easy Halloween crafts.

Pine Cone Crafts For Christmas

Have you ever noticed how much Christmas decor there is that involve pine cones in some way? Pine cones are rustic and cozy and have traditionally been used in wreaths, candle displays, and Christmas ornaments. Because pine cones are so easy to find, it’s popular to use a collection of them in a variety of pine cone crafts for Christmas decorating. Many of us love the idea of homemade Christmas decor and when you can make something for very little cost it’s a huge benefit. When you have a lot of other costs during the Christmas holiday, every little savings helps. Here are 20 pine cone crafts that you will want to try for this Christmas.

Door Knob Crafts

I have been to several flea markets and antique stores and have seen so many different door knobs for sale.  The beauty of the old glass knobs has me tempted to switch out all of our knobs at home but this wouldn’t be real practical and I have never seen a whole set of matching knobs anyway. Since I wouldn’t be switching out my knobs, it got me thinking about door knob crafts. There are lots of ways to use these knobs decoratively in a home. So, I came up with a collection of door knob crafts that would be fun to try.

Button Crafts: 20 Things To Make With Buttons

A while back, I bought a small vintage case stocked full of vintage buttons and I have been having fun with button crafts ever since.  I especially like the old mother of pearl buttons or the rich dark brown rustic looking ones.  Old buttons are quite easy to find too at most antique shops.  Other places to look are estate sales, resale shops, flea markets and garage sales.  Of course you can also just clip buttons off of old shirts, that can no longer be worn, and start your collection that way!

10 Old Window Decor Ideas For Fall

Decorating with old windows isn’t a new thing. In fact, I have previously posted 50 ways to use old windows in decorating. However, with the Fall season, I wanted to concentrate on Fall decorating ideas that use old windows. Whether for a backdrop, a chalkboard, a sign, or even a tray, all of these old window decor ideas are geared for the Fall season. You will find rustic warmth, cheery pumpkins, leaves, and a bit of orange in these window ideas.

Cheap And Easy Fall DIY

Do you love to decorate for the different seasons but don’t want to break the bank doing it? I have the perfect solution for you that is cheap and easy! By recycling items that you already have, you can create something new while getting rid of some clutter or trash items. These easy Fall DIY projects make use of things like old sweaters or scrap fabric as well as bottles, cans, or even toilet paper rolls.

DIY Fall Leaves Decor

When the Autumn leaves start falling, a fun activity is to collect and preserve the leaves for Fall decorating projects. This is a good way to enjoy all of that beautiful Fall color for a longer period of time. Plus, decorating with leaves is both easy and affordable. You can use the leaves throughout your home in a variety of different ways to bring in rustic warmth. The following examples are some creative ideas on what to do with preserved leaves. If you don’t have access to real leaves, you can simply substitute artificial leaves for these projects.